This Halloween Let’s Scare Away The Global Evil!

“There is magic in the night when pumpkins glow by moonlight!” It’s Halloween!

Aaliyah and I are decorating our apartment in full swing! We will be celebrating this Halloween indoors with our neighbors.

We have put the spider web lights on the balcony with the silhouette of a black cat. Mrs. Bradley has put a ghost decal on the main door. Whereas, Alan, the other neighbor has set up a witch figurine with purple bat string lights at the entrance.

Aaliyah is going to make the Halloween special menu that she has recently learned from a workshop. Creepy items like ‘mummy pizza’, ‘spider web cake’, ‘ghost cookies’ are going to be on the table.

“Let’s decide on the horror movies that we are going to watch that day! Said Aaliyah while sipping her frappe. “Yes! Let’s do that!” I replied and we both got busy deciding on the list. My phone rang! It was Emily.

“Hey, Emi! How have you been? Excited for Halloween?” I asked. “Not a bit, Uncle Bob! I honestly don’t feel like celebrating this year! I miss you all! Moreover, this pandemic has got the best of me. I can’t go out! I feel so low! I don’t know what to do!” She expressed.

“Calm down! You may not be able to go out or be there with us, but you can still have fun! Like why not don that spooky attire to scare away the evil as big as this pandemic? How about that?” I asked.

“I never thought this way! This is new and interesting!” She expressed. “When things around us get overwhelming, we should never succumb! It may be difficult but we must know that we have all the strength in us to overcome the challenging times. Plan it out with your flatmates indoors!” I replied.

“You are right! I shouldn’t let the situation bog me down this way. I should be strong and hopeful!” She replied. In the end, Emily was happy and looking forward to celebrating the day!

Like other years we may not be going outdoor, attending the spooky exhibitions, or raising a toast at our favorite lounge, yet we have many different ways to have fun! This Halloween, let’s enjoy indoors and turn each house into a beacon of hope to scare away the global evil like the pandemic! If we fight till the end, we will be out of this scenario soon! Till then let’s have faith and the right spirit!

Witch you a Happy Halloween, everyone!

Happy Halloween Wishes! Have A...

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