Wish You A Happy Hanukkah!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

First things first… Merry Christmas. I wish you and your family be blessed with good health and luck all through the year and year after year. Love you, folks! I am also in the crossroads of my life and definitely need some blessings. Wish me too :)

Okay, now, let’s embark on our weekly merry ride!

A Christmas Carol Day [Dec 19]

I and Aaliyah made it to the church on Christmas Carol Day last year. I mean, she pushed me, but again I gave in quick. I like going to church during these festive times. I know one carol good and that is “Deck the halls!” That’s about it.

Aaliyah knew around twenty of them by heart!

She sang along with the choir and we both prayed. It is an amazing experience. TheChristmas carols, Christ, prayer and love all around the beautiful church.

One of those days when you feel you are nothing but a speck in the sea of humanity and in front of your maker.

Aaliyah is not a Christian but she respects my religious inclinations and in fact, encourages it.

Hanukkah [Dec 20-28]

Now, it was my turn. Aaliyah is Jewish and Hanukkah arrived! And I was there with a skull cap right next to her.

After the prayers, we had some family time. I had been to her place and her parents are one lively lot. We had a lot of fun jus’ talking. I mean, no other activity is required. They indulge me and I am glad to have them around.

Aaliyah is one proud lady and she loves it when I get along with her parents.

All in all, a pleasant experience on a festive day.


Hanukkah 2015 [Dec 6 – 14]

Send Hanukkah Greetings!

Send Hanukkah Greetings!


Send Love Greetings!

Send Love Greetings!

Cute Cards

Send Cute Greetings!

Send Cute Greetings!

Maybe this is love. Maybe this is what romance is all about. It is not about those dates and infatuations. It is not about physical beauty or lusty intimacy.

I think it is all about being there for each other. In good and the bad. In doing things out of one’s comfort zone.

I am happy and glad that Aaliyah does that to me and more importantly, I have found it easier to reciprocate. Life’s good. How’s yours?


Do you know what is the cutest thing in the world?

My girlfriend making a face like a cute baby and sleeping on my shoulder while we travel in a car.

I have a perpetual smile when I drive, when she does that. That one is my dear folks, priceless!

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Take care.


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