Wishing You A Spooktacular Halloween!

Halloween is upon us, the fun begins now. It is the time to challenge the known for the unknown. It is the time for some bone-chilling, scary adventure. The dichotomy of celebrating ghosts on a day also known as All Hallows’ Eve or All Saints’ Eve. The Celts believe the dead walk among the living at this time. Americans celebrate it with ghoulish costumes, sharing candies and indulging in trick or treat while walking like a zombie with  jack-o’-lanterns.

Halloween short & spooky story contest is running and we have had some side-splitting and creepy shares from our friends and readers. Dive into your wildest imaginations and send in your masterpiece to us at giftasmile@123greetings-inc.com.

Sarah James shared, “My beautiful wife refuses to kiss me anymore. She says I lost that right when I made her a widow.” #123greetings  #spookystorycontest

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Have A Fang-tastic Halloween.


Spooktacular Halloween Wishes!

Rachel Thorpe shared, “My wife has been screaming at me for days. I try to pacify her by bringing flowers to her grave.” #123greetings #spookystorycontest


A Halloween Treat For Someone Neat.


Wishing A Spooky Halloween.

Sarah Campbell’s story sent a chill up the spine, “My son likes to stroll through the garden at night. I have to run out and chase him back into the casket.” #123greetings  #spookystorycontest


Zombie Happy Halloween.


Magical Halloween!

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