Fall Birthdays Are Special!

Fall Birthdays Are Special

It is fun to plan for a Fall birthday party. My Libran friend is celebrating her birthday on Sunday. Fall birthdays indeed are special and even though the summer birthdays have the advantage of the holidays, those in October lead up to Halloween and Thanksgiving.

The weather is pleasant and mild. It is just right for outdoor celebrations. Every Autumn season my backyard turns into a perfectly breezy venue with different shades of leaves and flowers decorating it. We often plan bonfires around that time, I love the chocolate dipped marshmallow melting in my mouth.

Autumn is also great for getaways as the crowd is small and it is a period of great discounts as most of the people travel in Summer. It is a romantic time walking down the pavements carpeted with the crisp orange leaves. It is the harvest season and a variety of seasonal fruits and veggies makes it fun to plan a lavish platter for dinner. Pumpkins, tomatoes, nuts and apples sit in the colorful basket on my kitchen table. Aaliyah loves baking the sumptuous pumpkin pie, the aroma fills my home with love and nostalgia.

We are decorating our backyard for celebrating our friend’s birthday party. The rustic fall theme is a treat to the eyes, it is a pumpkin themed party, the burlap table cloth, and pumpkin lanterns setting up the ambience for an ideal Fall evening. Adrian is fixing up the cardboard garlands and Megan is bringing in the sunshine cake. We are all wearing shades of orange and yellow and Donna plans to play her favorite Fall music playlist while I am preparing our favorite pumpkin spiced sangria for the evening.

So make the most of the season and don’t forget to give yourself a reason to be cheerful. Life is simple so simply enjoy it. See you in the comments.

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October 22, 2016
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