Gratitude To The Untitled Leaders On Administrative Professionals Day®!

“Lead from the back and let others believe they are in front.” Nelson Mandela

Megan, my childhood buddy, is a genie at work. She is proactive and efficient. She not only manages the professional relationships of her boss but also takes care of her personal connections. She is emotionally intelligent and has the best sense of timing for everything.

We know the success of an association is dependent on two kinds of people. First, a visionary, who is like the free spirited falcon, ruler of the sky with one-pointed focus, who sees an idea, lays down the strategy and stalks the dream proficiently, managing the risks.

The second kind is the one who fuels the leader’s passion with enormous support by removing the rocks and pebbles from his path, by managing at the micro level so that he can keep an eye on the macro vision. Without their support the leaders would be stuck in a labyrinth of tasks.

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To Megan’s surprise, when she reached home after work, one day, a flower bouquet and an envelope were waiting for her at the doorstep. She unlocked the door wondering who had sent this to her when it wasn’t even her birthday. She opened the envelope and found a gift-voucher for a weekend getaway to Phoenicia, nestled in the shadow of Slide Mountain near New York, for herself and her family. She couldn’t hold her excitement and hastily opened the other letter which had a greeting. It was a heartfelt message from her boss.

Dear Megan,

Sometimes life gets so busy that I don’t always thank you for the things you do. So for every time it has gone unspoken, I want to let you know that it has never gone unnoticed, and I sincerely appreciate your efforts. Thanks for keeping your cool while others rant and rave. Thanks for all your help.


With tears of joy in her eyes, she realized it was the Administrative Professionals Day®! The reward was indeed a happy one.

Life is a rich tapestry of many colored threads, weft of wisdom drawn through the warp of persistence. We are the weavers and we decide what colors we want to weave in.

It’s time to be thankful to the ones who empower your dreams.

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Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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