An Auspicious Chinese New Year Gallops In!

On January 31st, a new Chinese New Year gallops in.

Yes, it will be the year of the horse in the Chinese lunar New Year. So, what does the year of the horse mean in the Chinese tradition?

In Chinese astrology, the horse year is considered to be an auspicious year of good luck and good fortune. As the horse’s energy is free spirited, wild and fast paced, it is believed that the year of the horse is the time to take action and experience breakthroughs, be it in business, career, travels or relationships.

So, how are you going to take charge of your life in the year of the horse?

Hug DaySend Hug Day Ecard!Send Hug Day Ecard!

Compliment DaySend Compliment Day Ecard!Send Compliment Day Ecard!

Chinese New YearSend Chinese New Year Ecard!Send Chinese New Year Ecard!

How about we start with an action of love? Plus, you have the perfect excuse to show love with Send a Hug Day happening this Tuesday, 21st January.

While you’re at it, let’s also send Chinese New Year hugs filled with warmth, good fortune and happiness to everyone!

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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