God’s Grand Plan Is Revealed In The Life Of St. Patrick

Being amongst the 3 million spectators of the St. Patrick’s Day parade on Fifth Avenue in New York, where more than 200,000 people participate, Aaliyah and I are overjoyed. It is world’s longest parade. Marchers in green robes, Irish hats with embellishments of shamrock, the three petal clover representing holy trinity, march by in the joyous and vibrant surrounding.

We can’t wait to gulp down the refreshing green beer and listen to the blissful Irish songs and laughter filling the air.

Adrian sent me a prayer card with an Irish Blessing on it. He is in Chicago with a theatre group and sounded excited when I called to thank him for the loving gesture. He shared that in Chicago, the tradition is to dye the river green with vegetable dyes. It’s mesmerizing to witness the Irish culture. Around 35 million US residents have Irish roots.

We know that it’s a day to enjoy St. Patrick’s feast day. Are we aware that he was not an Irish rather was a British by birth? He was kidnapped at the age of sixteen and worked as a slave in Ireland for six years. During this time he got enlightened and in dreams got messages from God.

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In the gutter of pain and torture God came to his rescue and uplifted his soul to move towards his life’s purpose. Such is God’s grand master plan for each one of us. You may feel stuck, you haven’t seen anything move but this is a new day and the leprechaun will appear to reveal the hidden pot o’gold.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! Share the rich Irish history in a toast on this St. Patrick’s Day as you clink the beer mugs. Cheers!

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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