Say Hey To Our Nation’s Heroes!

National Heroes Day wasn’t founded too long ago and is celebrated on October 21. In fact, it began in 2011 in the United Kingdom, when a teacher heard about the death of his childhood friend who fought and died in the war in Afghanistan. This teacher, named Danny Glavin set up fundraisers for a military charity in his friends honor. Later Glavin went on to found The Inspiration Federation and assists the Heroes Day Education Program in schools all over the United Kingdom. I truly believe this is a wonderful program that not only helps spread awareness of the men and woman serving our countries, but also allows us to show our gratitude and support.

One of my very gooHalloweend friends that I went to college with, has been training with the army for many years now. I don’t personally know many people who have fought in the war; however I’ll be reaching out to say hey, not only to commend National Hero’s Day, but Say ‘Hey’ Day as well.

Say ‘Hey’ Day falls on October 25. Commemorate this silly day by saying hey to every person you see! Strangers and friends alike will smile after your friendly gesture of hello. Have a conversation with someone, talk about the weather, and better yet talk about all your fun plans for Halloween.

I have a tradition every year on Halloween, October 31. I go out with Donna and her kid’s, trick or treating. It is the best way to gather lots of candies, besides the kids are always willing to give up the candy they don’t like. Candy is candy, and candy is always delicious.

National Heroes Day
October 21, 2014

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Send National Heroes Day!


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October 31, 2014

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Send Halloween Ecard!

One thought on “Say Hey To Our Nation’s Heroes!

  1. B., Yes, candy is indeed, candy. It’s all good…
    You know we have over 200 Trick O’Treaters come to our house every Halloween. We give out those candy bags with little surprise toys inside. I believe we have a reputation,now,to keep up. Plus, Halloween is just about my favorite holiday. Kids dress up in costumes and neighborhood folks giving out candy. How great is that! I set up our entire house,porch and yard with Halloween decorations: Ghosts hanging in the front yard Dogwood tree; big pumpkins and Jack O’Lanterns on the porch table; a haunted tree made of curly willow branches decked out with spooky ornaments in our enclosed front porch; many paper cut out Halloween images taped to the living room,dining room and upstairs bedroom windows. I even get glow-in-the-dark side walk chalk and draw Halloween images on the sidewalk leading up to our front door steps. So fun!!!!
    Hey, thanks for this newsletter, too, B. You know it always makes my day when you send your newsletters and blogs. And hey to all your friends and family. hugs, L.

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