21 Day Guide To Simpler Living!

“Develop a mind that abides nowhere” – Diamond Sutra

21 days ago I began a journey towards a simpler and more meaningful lifestyle. I can’t believe the overwhelming response we got during this time. By making a small change every day, like I did, I realized the essence and core of who I really am and succeeded in fulfilling the promise I made myself so many days ago.

On the 21st day, I’d like to provide all my readers with one space where they can find the steps I took to start this new life.

Day 1: Decluttering.

Clutter, both mental and physical, weighs us down. I took an oath 21 days ago to achieve the task of decluttering my surroundings and mind by putting one foot in front of the other each day. More on that here.

Day 2: Health.

I reconsidered the items that entered my body. Our body is a temple and we need to treat it so. Develop a routine that incorporates a form of exercise like jogging or yoga, along with a proper diet to feel clean and fresh. Read about day 2 here.

Day 3: Prioritizing Relationships.

Why must we take out time for people who bring us down? Instead, let’s focus on relationships that always put us at the top of the list. Occupying our mind with meaningless things causes us to forget what is truly important. More here.

Day 4: Make A Choice.

We need to make a choice. A choice that pushes out the negativity from our mind and fills it with constructive and helpful notions. Take a look here.

Day 5: Goals.

My goal for this journey was to live a simpler life. I succeeded because I learnt to break it down into manageable steps. By focusing on one thing each day, I inched closer to realizing the bigger picture. Learn about it here.

Day 6: Journaling.

Make it a habit of writing down your feelings and emotions weekly/ daily. It will make a difference. Check out the process here.

Day 7: Pursue A Hobby.

Take up something that gives you happiness like crafting or dancing in your free time, anything that has the power to kindle your adrenaline. Know more here.

Day 8: Less Is More In friendship.

Day 8 called for identifying and being grateful for our circle of friends, close friends, confidants and besties.

Day 9: Family.

Day 9 stressed the importance of realizing how emotional bonding between the family can simplify your life and satiate your bigger need for belonging.

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Day 10: Experiencing Love.

Love never stays where insecurity breeds. We don’t get love by begging, claiming, demanding, crying or fighting for it, we only get love by giving. Click here.

Day 11: Different, But One.

We need to accept that differences in culture and families are a blessing in disguise. It challenges us to stretch our limits, teaches us to accept and love unconditionally. More here.

Day 12: Let’s Restart.

On this day, I took up the task to forgive each person who hurt me and took responsibility of my life and its happenings in my hands. I felt lighter as the weight slipped away.

Day 13: Stay In The Present.

How can you take the most out of the moment if you keep brooding about the next chapter of your life or keep re-reading the last one? More here.

Day 14: Appreciate What Is.

Accept the reality, instead of resisting it. By breathing in the truth, we welcome peace and happiness into our lives. Click here.

Day 15: Splendor Of Nature.

A lovely poem sent by one of our readers, made me understand the need to attune our minds with the splendor of nature, to forgo the hustle-bustle of city life for inner calm. Give a read here.

Day 16: Breathe.

By relieving ourself of the red zone of stress and anxiety, we can arrive at the clarity and patience needed to focus on finding a solution. Click here.

Day 17: Faith Over Fear.

Friday the 13th instills in us fear and horror. How can you deal with this inner demon that constantly plays up in our mind? The best way to overcome it is to inculcate faith and live in hope. More here.

Day 18: Comeback.

Breathe, let go of the past and know that for every setback there is a comeback. I believe and know better is coming, you should too. Click here.

Day 19: Don’t Keep All Your Eggs In The Same Basket.

It is a very freeing experience to not depend on one person, one opportunity, one relationship and one source of joy. Know more here.

Day 20: Ask, Believe And Receive.

Ask for what you want, believe in yourself and receive with gratefulness. Create the space, mindset and trust for your dreams to manifest. Know more here.

Here we are at the end of this journey. I learnt to declutter, to prioritize relationships, to forgive and focus on the present. It truly helped my own peace of mind and my bond with loved ones. There maybe a long way to go with changes to make, but I have succeeded in starting this process. I urge you to do the same.

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