He Is Perfect If He Makes You Smile Every Day!

The humdrum about perfect relationships, prince charming and the ideal woman sometimes makes me question the basis on which real relationships are formed. I believe with my own fallouts and relationship experiences in this fast-moving city of New York where time waits for none, that in the hope of perfection we miss out on many right ones.

For a long time I did not understand what is it that will make me stay in a relationship until I met Bob. No matter, Bob and I have our lows and highs. At times I yell when he makes me mad, at other times, he forgets about me and becomes insensitive around his buddies. We overanalyze each other and become too judgmental. We also try to fix each other more than accepting each other at times. It is so simple to step into the role of a parent instead of a friend without understanding that we don’t need to change the other one. We need to just make sure we are like buddies and allow the space for self-growth.

What is important for both of us is to have moments when we laugh together, hug, smile at each other, love hard and share our challenges and milestones with each other every single day. I accept that I won’t be on his mind all day, he understands my millionth mood swing. We take care of not hurting each other and that’s the only promise between us. The moments of closeness are enough to make our not so perfect relationship perfect enough to create a lifetime of memories.

I love you Bob.

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