A Different Plan On This Black Friday!

It’s the ideal time to ‘shop till you drop’! Black Friday is here! We were all enjoying coffee and cookies and planning the eventful days that are coming. All the lovely ladies are going to gather at Donna’s place and go shopping together. Each one has a huge list of things that they are eyeing!

If you ask me what the best thing about this day is, it would be the feeling it brings along. You can smell the approaching holidays! A time to gear up for Christmas and all good times!

“Bob, when will you join us?” Asked Megan. “Yes, rather when will all the boys join us?” Asked Kate.

“Sorry, but this time you guys will have to do it without me!” I replied.

“Wait! What? But, why?” Asked Donna.

“I have a different plan for this Black Friday. Mrs. Bradley loves shopping. She often used to go out on son and mother dates when both her sons were here. This time I thought of going out with her. I didn’t want her to do it alone!” I replied.

All of them looked at me and there was a look of admiration on everyone’s face. Everyone is fond of Mrs. Bradley and knows what an amazing person she is. Everyone knows what she means to both Aaliyah and me.

“That’s a very thoughtful plan, Bob!” Expressed Adrian.

“Thank you so much! This time I did not want her to feel sad about the fact that her sons are not here. Even though I am not much into shopping but I am looking forward to this Black Friday more than ever. I will take her out for lunch after that. I am imagining her smiling face and the glitter in her eyes. That would be priceless! I want her to smile just the way she makes us smile on our tough and bad days!” I said.

They all agreed and once again admired! “Have a great time Bob! Do share pictures with us!” Said Donna. “I will,” I replied, and then we all got back to enjoying coffee and other planning.

To do something for someone who has always been there and brightened the drab days feels good. Mrs. Bradley is not a person or a neighbor. To me and Aaliyah she is a home away from home. Her smile, her music, and her cookies – always come with an essence of comfort and make us feel great. This time I hope I can make her feel extra special.

So what are you buying this Black Friday? Let me know!

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