So Thankful On This International Men’s Day!

I got up and saw that Aaliyah was already up. I wore my specs and on the side table saw a note that read: “Your favorite breakfast awaits you! International Men’s Day is here and I want my man to feel special every which way!”

I had a huge smile on my face. I freshened up and when I went to the hall, I saw that Aaliyah had prepared a lavish breakfast. I saw Kong running to me with another note that read:

“Before being thankful for any other reason on this Thanksgiving, I want to thank the universe for gifting me a partner like you.” I smiled again.

But where was Aaliyah? I could not see her! Oh! There she was! Just behind the curtains observing my reactions.

“It’s me who loves looking at your reactions when I surprise you. You simply copied me this time!” I expressed as I hugged her.

She hugged me and said, “Well after so many years of being together I am going to imbibe some habit of yours! Won’t I?” She asked and winked. I agreed and nodded.

“Come let me serve you breakfast before it gets cold. Also, we don’t have much time! I have already booked movie tickets. Then we are going to get a few things for our Thanksgiving plan. And finally, after that, we will be hitting your favorite lounge for some amazing cocktails!” She said as we sat to have breakfast together.

When I look back, I remember the kind of talks we had before committing to each other. There was fear, nervousness, and so many uncertainties. However, we let our love and the desire to be with one another be more overpowering than any anxious thoughts.

“We will be a team and equally stand by both each other’s strengths and weaknesses. I promise,” Aaliyah had said years back. And that promise she has always kept. When the world expects a man to be always strong, Aaliyah never made me feel that. She embraced me as an individual and never leaves a chance to amaze me with all her understanding. We both adore each other’s authentic selves! That has kept us going so strong this far!

Aaliyah and I have spent so many years together now. She never misses a chance to make me feel special. Our love languages differ but we don’t shy away from expressing our gratitude and love for having each other in our lives. That’s how we are! We let each other know how blessed and thankful we are.

What are you thankful for on this Thanksgiving? Let me know!

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