Kindness Creates Positive Ripple Effects!

Yesterday Kate came with her niece Jane for brunch. Aaliyah and I had prepared an Italian menu as they love it. Jane played with Kong for some time and after coming back from the walk we ate. While we were talking, we were interrupted by Jane.

“Uncle Bob, can you pack some of these crespelle pancakes? I will take it along with me,” She said.

“Absolutely! But if you want it you can take some more now as well?” I replied.

“No, I want to take it for the florist’s daughter, Hilary. She loves it! Her mom doesn’t know how to cook it well. She is unwell and not visiting the shop for quite some time now. She can’t have outside food so I thought I would give it to her mom on my way back. Hilary might feel good,” She said.

All three of us looked at one another. We were both awestruck and impressed by Jane’s thoughtful nature.

I smiled at her and said, “That is a very wise thought, Jane. It’s a good thing to be so caring and thoughtful for other people.”

“My mom always tells me that being kind and compassionate makes the world a better place. It brings both hope and happiness. I want to bring a smile to Hilary’s face. After all, she always is kind enough to give me my favorite candy whenever she is there in the shop,” She replied.

“We are so happy to hear this Jane. I will pack some crespelle pancakes for your friend right away,” Said Aaliyah and hugged her. Then all three of us continued with our brunch.

An act of kindness, big or small, plays a huge role in making the world a better place. It brings an unexpected joy for both – the one receiving it and the one performing it. It brightens up the day and creates positive ripple effects. World Kindness Day is here and that reminds us how being kind can always be the root of joy! So whatever you can be, never miss a chance to be kind and be a reason for someone’s smile.

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