Infused With Holiday Excitement!

I was sipping my latte and sitting on the balcony. The air in Big Apple is infused with excitement. Mrs. Bradley’s garden is all lit up. It’s time to wish everyone Happy Holidays and enjoy what I call the best time of the year.

The fond memory of home crept in. We all would get super caught up with arrangements and shopping. Stocking different items to cook and bake different menus. Both Liz and I would count the days to have our extended family and friends come over.

“Why do we spend this time with everyone?” I had once asked my dad. “Being around our loved ones makes us feel loved and cared for. The worries are at bay and all one can think of is to make the fullest of this time. It’s all about spreading love and joy and making the fondest of memories,” He had answered.

No matter how big or small, there was space for everyone in the house. Liz and I used to share our rooms with our cousins. We all used to make the bed together. “A heart full of love will always have room for everyone,” my mom used to say.

Indeed they were right! Over time I realized that the bonds grew stronger and we learned how to share and care. Even the last slice of cake would get equally distributed among all. But, Liz would always pamper me with her share of slice. Perks of being the younger brother you see!

Nothing has changed now. The excitement always shoots up every year when this time approaches. We all look forward to being surrounded by our near and dear ones. It’s the time of home calling too for so many! Waiting for the arrival of our friends and family, planning months ahead, having meaningful conversations, engaging in activities together, singing in groups, dancing to the tunes of our favorite songs and so much more.

The beauty of this season is and will always be close to my heart. Every year I enjoy the days with my clan and the priceless memories stay forever etched in my heart! I can’t wait to have a great time!

What feelings do holidays evoke in you? Share your fond memories with me!

Also, Happy Holidays everyone!

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