A Warm Hug And A Whole Lot of Love!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Are you at peace? Are you happy? Are you full of energy? Most likely you are somewhat at peace and somewhat happy and not much at peace. I am not being negative. But this is how most of the people feel. You know the reason why? Because most us are not content with what we have. Yes, that’s the main reason. Once we become content and be indifferent to both success and failure, we will be happy, full of energy and at peace. Having said that, let’s take a look at the week’s events and emotions

Send a Hug Day [Jan 21]

When two human beings come in close contact holding each other in a bear hug, the intimacy, the sharing of good will and love, the smile that adorns the lips of each other is unmistakable for anyone to see. Such gesture of love and brotherhood is rare to see nowadays. Sharing love at arm’s length has become the norm of the day. Do not worry about what anyone thinks, if you love them, embrace them in a hug wherever, whenever and whoever that is.

Love is for everyone. Share.

Whisper ‘I Love you day’ Day [Jan 19]

Just hugging the one you love is not important; you have to say those sweet words in your beloved’s ear. Yes, whisper ‘I love you’! Say those words that will make your soul mate go crazy. Say those words with love, say it for not the sake of it, but for the sake of love. Love is all it takes to win a heart and love is all it takes to be happy and make everyone else around you happy.

Keep talking about love and sharing words of love with the one you love. This world for you will be a happier place.


Everything will be the same, but just that you will be a year older and a lot wiser. I am sure many of our friends will be celebrating their birthdays this week and this space I have to talk to you I will utilize and share my wishes. Wish you a very happy birthday. May there be many more returns of this day and my dear friend, may you experience happiness all through your life. May your near and dear ones be as happy as you will be. Wish you again a very happy birthday.

At Work

Colleagues at work are the main reason why one can be happy at home. Yes, that’s the truth. If you are happy at work thanks to your colleagues you will walk into your house with a happy face and a pleasant attitude. Such an important role a colleague plays in one’s life.

I am blessed with good colleagues who help me keep my family happy.

How are yours? And have you guys been good to your peers?

Take care,

Editor Bob

Whisper ‘I Love You’ Day 2016 [Jan 19]

Send Whisper ‘I Love you day’ Day Greetings!
Send Whisper ‘I Love you day’ Day Greetings!


Send Birthday Greetings!
Send Birthday Greetings!

At Work

Send At Work Greetings!
Send At Work Greetings!

5 thoughts on “A Warm Hug And A Whole Lot of Love!

  1. I have visited and used your Cards and am Thankful to you for having them available.
    I was MOST impressed with the recent page from you. My first thought was that you must be a Christian Bob. God Bless You for your words and for the messages you are sending.

  2. I think your comments are great and just give me, the reader,a big forward push and gave me the much needed positive energy and outlook. thanks for the encouragement and keep it up!

  3. I think everything you said in the newsletter is true. It’s nice to be gently reminded to take the time express our feelings to the people we love not only on special occasions but also on the simple, uneventful days that fall in between. My favorite send-a-hug e-mail card….Stay with Me. And a special hug to you Bob for writing the newsletter. NVW

  4. Dear Editor Bob,

    A Big Thank You for your very kind, illustrated e-mail, great website and all the sublime pictures.
    Very Much Appreciated.

    Have a very nice day and great week.

    Thanks again.



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