Appreciate Dads This Father’s Day And Have A Safe Friday!

Father’s Day was organized in the early 1900’s as an attempt to create a holiday to complement Mother’s Day. The founder of Father’s Day, Sonora Dodd, had hoped to celebrate the day on June 5, her own father’s birthday. But since the holiday was tied to the church, the pastors were unable to prepare a sermon with such short notice and the holiday was pushed back. Father’s Day is now celebrated across the globe on the third Sunday of June.

My father has always been a source of strength, a helper, and the finest kind of friend to me. So, don’t forget to send your special dad a card From Daddy’s Girl or From Father’s Son. It certainly should be a special weekend, but beware the Friday beforehand.

This coming Friday is Friday the 13th and you never know what is coming to haunt you. I’ll be preparing with some good luck charms this Friday and maybe they will even bring me good luck on Sneak a Kiss Day. If you haven’t heard of this holiday before, let me just tell you it is the perfect excuse to sneak a kiss from your sweetheart and tell your sweetheart just how much they drive you crazy with a ‘Sneak a Kiss Day’ card!

No matter how you plan to celebrate your dad and avoid the ghouls and goblins on Friday the 13th, we hope you have a wonderful and loving weekend!


Just Because Day

Father’s Day
June 15, 2014

Send Father’s Day Ecard !
Send Father’s Day Ecard!

Friday the 13th
June 13, 2014

Send Friday the 13th Ecard!
Send Friday the 13th Ecard!

Sneak a Kiss Day
June 15, 2014

Send Sneak a Kiss Day Ecard!
Send Sneak a Kiss Day Ecard!

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