Being Healthy Is My New Determination

My best friend, Megan and I were walking down the Brooklyn Bridge. There is a saying which says, ‘Old habits die hard’. Indeed! Lighting a smoke, once again she started cribbing about her illness. “So you know I met this new doctor. She has given a few tests. I will do it this coming Tuesday. I am quite confident that her diagnosis will lead me to a cure,” she said.

I looked at her. My gaze fixed. “What?” she asked. “You are not keeping well since months but you want to continue smoking? Things will get worse!” I expressed. “I have tried to quit smoking but it gets difficult after a point,” she said.  She made a puppy face.

“That puppy face won’t work this time. You can’ take this lightly. We are in the period of Lent. The time to reflect and make life better. It is the best time to be strict with yourself and give up on your addiction that’s causing you harm,” I replied.

“Getting over an addiction is difficult. To top it all, managing work and personal life leaves me with not enough time for fitness,” she said.

“Unless you are determined to be fit and healthy nothing can help you. Your faith in the almighty during this phase of Lent will serve as the best motivation! When you surrender for greater good the result you reap will be priceless,” I expressed.

“You are right! It’s high time I should start taking my health seriously. I will quit smoking too,” she expressed.  “Do that and you will notice the difference yourself,” I replied. “Wait, let me buy you some good books on staying healthy,” I expressed and then we went to our favorite bookstore.

When we are so determined to climb the success ladder then why can’t we have the same zeal for our own health? We are so absorbed in our day to day activities that we are away from a basic healthy lifestyle. Let’s stop taking our health for granted!

Our health is in our own hands. Take baby steps! Start eating healthy. Exercise regularly. Quit your addiction. Be fair and loving to yourself. Most importantly, be happy!

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