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This week’s edition is all about finding a way through our little problems that bother us. Where these can be solved with a pinch of positive thinking, we allow them to escalate. Let’s read how my friends tackle their problems and get on top of them…

Send Best Friends Day Greetings!
Send Best Friends Day Greetings!
New Best Friends [June 8]

Remember the Gen Next takeover I was talking about in my last newsletter? That threat is slowly manifesting itself more prominently. There’s some wonderful bonding happening between the three of them – Ethan, Emily and Rachael. All three of them went out to watch Angels and Demons. They are all fans of Dan Brown’s books and this movie presented a great break for them to go out and have fun. Their parents had no issues with the plan and they went ahead with it.

Rachael told me that the movie was a rocker, but the time they had was even better. After the movie they went around window-shopping. Here Ethan felt a little awkward, with Rachael and Emily taking over completely. As compensation, they agreed to watch a basketball game with Ethan when they returned home. Food, fun and stuff made me and our friends green with jealousy! I mean, here we are working ourselves off, and they had all this fun. Anyways, no point grudging them the time. Our ideas were summed up by Kate when she said, “We’ve a lot of catching up to do, Bob! Let’s rock this weekend!” As of now, the plan is definitely on! More on that, next time.

Love Conquers All, Even Distances! [June 3]

Distance makes the heart grows fonder. That’s what Kate has been finding out, much to her delight. I’m sure all you guys remember that her present boyfriend is a resident of Iowa. Well, Henry has been a great companion to Kate over the days, filling up the void that Jeffrey left behind. Kate chats with him on the net, and you can find her texting away even when she’s out with us. Henry gave her a wonderful surprise this weekend.

Henry kept writing to her that he was going on a holiday for the weekend. Of course, that upset Kate a little. But she didn’t express that. When he wrote that he would be incommunicado for the next few hours, Kate accepted the inevitable loss of connection. She tried to occupy her time with work. And then her doorbell rang. A bored Kate went up to get it. And there was Henry behind a huge bouquet of flowers! As Eleanor told me, “Love can conquer all, Bob. Geography hardly matters!” Cheers to that!

Send Love Conquers All Day Greetings!
Send Love Conquers All Day Greetings!

Send Graduation Greetings!
Send Graduation Greetings!
Grandpa’s Graduation Greetings [May – June]

There’s some great news that came Fred‘s way. His grandson is graduating this year from Dartmouth. Fred has been in a very upbeat mood since the news trickled in. He has expressed a keen desire to meet his grandson and congratulate him, but his illness failed him. Fred has been feeling considerably weak. His regular trips for check-ups is not yielding much benefit for him. In the middle of all these negativity around him, the graduation news is like a whiff of fresh air.

Last heard, Fred had a talk with his grandson. Fred, true to his self, told him a lot of stuff about getting more responsible and accountable. The good thing about Fred’s communication skills is that he gets his message across without seeming preachy. It always inspires to listen to him. Fred says the most ordinary things in a way that come across as calls for action. No wonder his grandson promised to visit him soon. Eleanor said, “Fred is passing on the baton to his grandson.”

My Internet Friends

I had the best time being friends with many of you guys on the net. Though I don’t have time to be that active on the social networking profiles that I have, I miss you guys all the time. The newsletters could never be what they are today without your support and appreciation. The other day I was telling Eleanor how I had bonded with each one of you, and all on the strength of the written word. It has been a satisfying journey with you guys.

That reminds me, I need to update you guys on the Ethan-Donna story. Donna has finally struck an agreement with her son! They have mutually agreed that Ethan can chat for a certain amount of time, provided he doesn’t cut into his study time. Both the sides are happy that the issue could be resolved without any further tension. Donna confided to me that she has spent some sleepless nights worrying how to make Ethan see sense and at the same time not push him into a state of stubbornness. Now that it’s settled, she’s breathed a sigh of relief.

This week’s Zen quote comes from across the pond. Here’s Winston Churchill: “Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.” Does it work for you?

Send Friendship Greetings!
Send Friendship Greetings!

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  1. I enjoy this lettr every week. It is like hearing from young frinds and keeps me young. Keep it going . It is great

  2. Hats off to you, B. for your incredible newsletters. Thank you. You are such a creative writer. Your stories come to life. Visually moving and fun. I see and feel for you and your friends and look forward to reading about all of you every week. Feels like back in the 60’s when I was a little girl with my sisters and brothers and neighborhood friends who looked forward to watching our favorite TV programs- “Outer Limits,” Twilight Zone,” “Gidget,” “World of Disney,” “Paladin,” and “Batman.” sending you big hugs and kises, L.

  3. Your newsletters are so interesting epecially the way they relate to daily life issues.And I want to comment on the newsletter’s quote,” Attitude is a little thing that makes abig difference”
    One can simply define attitude as verbal, facial or even body gestures of iproper behaviour.True it can make a huge difference in daily life.You can get a job offer based on attitute and you can also fail to get it based on the same.But some situations,it is like an indicator of where you have crossed the line, you the recipient,and the pesron maybe trying to safeguard him/herself from improper treatment.For example an employee develops an attitude,the employer should check her self first before asking him or her why the behaviour is changing.Human beings are very interesting creatures, and the more you learn them, the more you respect them.And they have their own way of telling you that Hi, stop there! another example,if a teenager starts to have an attitude to words the parents, it is one way of saying,Mom or Dad,I respect you but you need to respect me too.And once that is established between the two parties, there is no more attitude thing.So I beleive that under normal circumstances, attitude is a reaction to stablize or establish mutual respect for one another.And an attitude will not come for the safe of it, no its usually I reaction to some thing or I would call it an allergy to improper way of handling some body.So before labeling, check around first for the trigger.I will leave you with this quote,”All human beings are peaceful and its the fellow human beings that force them to bite” Therefore like FDR, nothing to fear but fear its self”

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