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We swear by our friends and the bond of friendship. This week we look at a different perspective of modern friendship. Plus, I am hopeful that love will have it all under control. There are some hilarious issues with a tech-retarded boss and the pangs of growing up. Join me…

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We’re Best Friends [June 8]

Take it or leave it, but modern friendship is all about sticking to your limits. You cannot just go overboard and make an unpleasant request that calls for commitment from your friend. There are exceptions to this rule, of course. But I see those exceptions only when the friendship has stood the test of time and is beyond the customary ‘Hi-Hello’ acknowledgements.

Speaking from our circle of friends, we know that we are there for each other always. There is an unwritten bond among us that we do not generally violate the private space of a friend but if we find someone spiraling out of control, we generally step in. We like to know that when it comes to guidance, we are above self-interest. I have seen my friends risk the bond of friendship to stop someone from doing something that could be harmful in the long run. And that’s what makes us best friends forever!

Love Conquers All [June 3]

I’m writing this at a time when I’m having a serious tiff with Sarah. The genesis of the spat probably lies in my rather laid-back attitude towards a few things. I have no qualms in admitting that I have been a little careless in this relationship. I have focused on work without taking a step back and making allowances for my personal life. I don’t blame Sarah that she found it hard to keep cool.

I know things will be well. The hope does not come from my sense of optimism. It’s just that I have faith in this relationship. I know that things will be okay because I am convinced Sarah loves me. I firmly believe that when there’s love, there is a way! Stay tuned for an update next week. I’m sure things will get sorted out by then.

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Tech Woes

Not everyone is adept in tech matters. The worst nightmare comes true when your boss happens to be one! Kate has got into a really critical situation with her boss. As many of you know, Kate works from home. So Kate has to rely completely on the Internet to mail in her work. The problem is that the contact person Kate was dealing with previously quit the firm. The position has been taken up by someone who doesn’t know the ABC of technical matters!

The work that Kate mails in lies dormant in the inbox of this person because he doesn’t know much about email! It sounds outrageous in the modern age that someone doesn’t know the nitty-gritty of email, but that’s why Kate is expressing serious doubts about her own luck. Kate says, “This guy was in some field where he never had to work over the Internet!” I have no clue how this guy happens to be Kate’s boss, but the world is really strange sometimes! As for us, this could really throw up some hilarious situations in the near future!

Growing Up

Have you noted how elders like to revisit and relive their childhood while children want to grow up soon and come up to our age? This is something that struck me hard when I heard Ethan and Emily say that they would love to have the freedom to all that an older person is entitled to. Ask their mom Donna. Donna will definitely tell you that she can give an arm and a leg to go back to her kids’ age! This is a wonderful dichotomy which proves that no one seems to be content with what they have.

Growing up has its pangs. Donna was telling me the other day how Ethan and Emily don’t really relate to many things that Donna firmly believes in. “They have a mind of their own, Bob,” Donna said, “It’s nice in a lot of ways but sometimes I feel why do they not see what I do?” It’s a very valid question. As parents you provide your children with an outlook to life. You are bound to feel a little unsettled when they take off on a tangent. But you have to accept and take pride that they have moved out of your shadow to carve out something for themselves.

Here’s a friendship quote to sign off this edition. This is an ancient Hasidic saying that holds real value: “One who looks for a friend without faults will have none.”

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  1. B. Yes, I am with Ryan on positive thinking in the workplace as well as with your superiors and colleagues. It is good for them, but especially good for you. Your job can really sometimes try your patience. Yet, if you remind yourself, it is just a job and that you do have one in these tough times, things begin to feel a little lighter, better. thanks for this newsletter. Also, like the piece on “why some men cheat.” Here’s my 2 cents on this-Could also be he simply loves more than one woman. I agree some men whether successful or not, cheat and do not really love the women they have been with. Kinda with women for pleasure only. But some men actually do love the women they are with. All of them. Might be hard to believe, but I know such a fella. And he is good, sweet, loving and kind. xo, L.

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