Boo! You’re Invited!

It’s Halloween — time to reveal your blithe self and light your pumpkins and put out the candy for those trick-or-treaters!

Megan’s coming home after her solo escapade to Europe on the Halloween night. It calls for a party and I along with her family are planning to surprise her in a rather eccentric way. “Her home coming party would be spooctacular!” screamed her younger daughter.

The excitement is building up as we explore the coolest ways of guising, tricking and treating. After a much longer brainstorming session with the young geniuses we came up with few coolest ways to make the party full of hoax and thrills.

The night of spooky fun is just around the corner. We invited all our friends with the Halloween Theme Party Invites to set the right mood for the creepy crawly get-together. The guest list is meant to pack the house to its full capacity.


We picked up some ghoulish decorations and costumes from the decked out stores. I created my costume out of the colored duct tapes. I have some ancient signs and symbols made on the fluorescent tee and I gladly surprised myself with so much creativity. What fun a Halloween party is without the erratic costumes?

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Jack-‘O’-Lantern cups and ghastly tags for the snacks and drinks to be served in the party. Chips are christened as ‘witch toenails’, marshmallows as ‘ghost poop’, green jelly beans have become ‘spider eggs’ and grape juice in the old glass jar has the tag dangling from its side which says ‘blood wine’. The lemonade would be served with colorful gummy worms in them. The vanilla cupcakes have gooey monster eyes made from dark chocolate syrup and vampire teeth made from almonds jutting out of the corners. Cookies are being wrapped with strips of white fondant with candy eyeballs sticking on it to create the ‘mummy-effect’.

Aaliyah joins us to tell the story of the ancient origin of Halloween and we all listen fascinatingly as she fills us in with the information about souling, guising, trick or treating.

The devilish decor put together by the children is terrifying. The younger ones are making gravestones out of cereal boxes, cut-outs of the black poster board to make cats, bats, witches hats, white washing the gourds and adorning them with fun accessories, pepper corn eyes to bring them to life and to add on to the terror, the teen-gang is putting together a ghostly playlist to amplify the eeriness.

Individual baggies of Halloween candies are set out for the guests filled up with everyone’s favorite Peanut Butter Cups and chocolate bars.

We are carving out spooky teeth on the Halloween pumpkins. The din of laughter, giggles, songs of merriment reverberate in the house as we prepare for our Halloween bash.

It is an absolute delight to delve into celebrating the dichotomy of life – the shadows and the light, embracing it with its fullness.

Have A Spooctacular Halloween My Dearest Friends!

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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