Can We Talk It Out?

While waiting and sauntering at the Grand Central Terminal for Aaliyah, I saw a group of friends pranking on each other as they passed by. Out of all, one of them got serious and started walking away. Then the entire gang followed in order to pacify him. The hilarious sight provoked a thought in me. What would life be without friends? A desolate desert where there would be no sharing, no caring, no laughing, no crying and perhaps no embarrassment. That’s precisely what friends do apart from having your back; they never leave an opportunity to embarrass us! Best Friends Day is around the corner and I can’t wait to spend a gala time with my best friend, Megan.

Doing anything special for her feels too less so I was very confused with what should I be doing to let her know how much she means to me! “Bob you could take her out for some shopping maybe?” suggested Aaliyah. “Followed by a Broadway show for the two of us and then dining at ‘Eataly’ downtown since Megan is a wine lover. She would be glad to raise the glass with Chardonnay. What do you think of it?” I asked Aaliyah. Aaliyah quite liked the plan and acknowledged it with a nod.

While the planning was on, I could see that Aaliyah got quiet all of a sudden. After a pause, she looked at me and said, “Bob I really miss Amy a lot.” Amy is Aaliyah’s childhood friend with whom she had a fall out two years back. She was longing for her. “Why don’t you sort it out with her Aaliyah? Maybe you can talk it out,” I suggested. She was hesitant. “It wasn’t even my fault, Bob,” she replied. “Oh come on Aaliyah even if she was wrong, you can let this ego stay aside for a while,” I expressed. I asked her to initiate this because one should never think of delaying things if it is related to the person who matters to them. After long persuasion, I finally managed and Aaliyah agreed to give her a call on that day and make things fall into place.

Ever been in a situation where you miss a person but can’t get at making things fall back to how it was before?  The essence of true friendship lies in being transparent.  During friction or misunderstandings, it is best to have dialogues and not hold any hard feelings. Keeping the relationship above our ego is always wise.  A clash between two different individuals is a common phenomenon but that cannot be an end to the long relationship. In such matters having a dialogue is the best thing to do. It helps in clarification and cools down the heat between the two people.

Friends are like a pillar who stand through thick and thin. They multiply the joys and divide the sorrows in our life. There is no fear of being chided for a mistake or being judged at being crazy, we can just be our real selves with them. They give us enough reasons to stay happy and celebrate life. The hardest times of our life seems easy with their love, care and support. Not to forget the dose of encouragement that they give us every time we feel helpless is something we always look up to. Thank God for such friends!

Let us know what plans you have for your best friend!

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