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This week I deal with allegations of being a workaholic! Does looks matter when it comes to climbing up the corporate ladder? Read how friendship is redefined because of technology and how a couple fights over their son’s resemblance! Join me…

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Cheer Up Mate! [July 11]

Some may call it necessary evil, while others may call it the driving force of modern civilization. But there’s nothing you can do to ignore work! Sarah was complaining to me the other day that our romantic moments have dried up because of my work pressure. I tried to explain her that I didn’t agree with her. Sarah feels I am a workaholic these days. Now, you can say that for the entire country, can’t you? I wouldn’t dismiss her totally as a case of misunderstanding. If Sarah was writing this, she would have outlined her case better!

I was thinking deeply about her allegations. Is it true that we become addicted to work but do not realize it ourselves? I have always been carefree about work, depending more on instinct and spontaneity. Sarah’s words somehow made me feel that maybe I am more focussed these days than I ever was. Adrian noted that I was deep in thought. He offered me a drink and explained that he faced the same trouble with Cathy when she was travelling extensively on business. “Cheer up, mate!” Adrian assured me, “This is nothing new! It just means you have to make her feel special all over again!” Guess it’s time I tugged at my romantic self out and gave it some expression!

Looks Matter?

There’s nothing like the office water cooler to take a break! Ryan goes to the cooler frequently to fill up bottles which even the hardcore pessimist would say half-filled! Anyway, so when I noticed a group of my office chums sharing a joke, I was much tempted to walk over. What’s the joy of working without the pleasure of breaks? Ryan welcomed me saying, “So Bob, do you think good-looking people achieve more than the average lookers?” Now that was a tough one! The discussion was going to be a closely contested affair if not for the new temp in the office.

Now this temp is a head-turner! And her opinions are quite forceful. She said, “It’s really sad that people think that way! If I was getting paid for my looks by the boss, I would really put a nasty name to my designation rather than the one in the official papers!” That sealed the deal. We were about to disperse when Ryan cleared his throat. The others turned around to hear him. I knew it would escalate a rather congenial discussion. True to his self, Ryan told the temp, “So we can be assured that when you get confirmed it would be because of your performance?” We didn’t turn back to see the temp’s expression. I felt her face might explode on us.

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Touching Technology

There was a time when you had to plan everything to the T. When you were going out with friends, you discussed and fixed plans. There was no turning back. That sort of punctuality and accountability has changed since. With cell phones, you make or break plans anytime you like. I was supposed to meet Megan at Starbucks sometime in the evening. The moment I stepped out of the office to be there, there was a text from her. Megan was doing extra time at work and couldn’t meet. With nothing to do in the evening, I felt a tad let down.

While I do understand that emergencies do occur when you have to postpone or cancel your plans. But let’s be honest and ask ourselves this question: if the cell phone was not there, would you have made a harder effort to be there? Wouldn’t you feel really guilty about making your friend stand out there with no information? I think that very sense of guilt would have prompted you to carve out an escape route. However, thanks to technology, you can touch base anytime! If only it allowed us to get in touch with our inner feelings as well and bring out those commitments we valued so much.

Like Father, Like Son!

Eleanor has a strange problem on her hands! It’s something to do with the family. Mike and Lisa, her son and his wife, are waging a war between themselves! The reason: their son Andrew. It may come off as silly but they are actually having a long-standing argument over who he’s taking after! Lisa is convinced that Andrew resembles her in appearance, while Mike feels that he’s more like him. Mike tried to win the battle saying that Andrew loves his baseball, as he used to as a child. Eleanor clarified to Lisa that Mike hated baseball as a child. So it was clear that he made that up to win the case!

But you can’t really win over a mom in a fight over her son, can you? Lisa told Mike, “At least he doesn’t behave like you do!” This really put off Mike and Eleanor told me that he was staying over at his friend’s place and came back only after Lisa apologized. Finally Eleanor had to step in. Eleanor explained them that it was erroneous to make any conclusions so early. “Children change like the colors of the evening sky!” Eleanor told them. This may have pulled a truce between the couple, but they are still looking for behavioral patterns to seal a win! Indulgent parents can be so, well, indulging!

Here is an Elbert Hubbard quote to keep you company for the week ahead: “Often we can help each other most by leaving each other alone; at other times we need the hand-grasp and the word of cheer.”

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Have fun!

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