Communicate, It Helps!

We all have a network but we overthink before calling. We all have smartphones but we hesitate to send that text. We have the ways to commute but we seldom ring the doorbell of a loved one to surprise them. That’s how things have become around us.

The times before were simple! We didn’t have so many options but we had the heart to connect. The intent was enough. That is what is missing nowadays! The effort is missing. Now all we do is give excuses!

Last evening, while I was returning home my phone rang. It was Ethan! “Hey, where have you been? How are you?” I asked.

“I have been good, Uncle Bob. It’s just that lately, I have been realizing that Mom and I have become distant. It’s not just with her, but I feel away from Emily as well. Three of us are in different cities but I miss the old connection for the past six months! What should I do?” He expressed.

“Well, tell me one thing. Do you communicate with them daily?” I asked.

“No, I do that at times. Like I don’t have that time. When they call either I’m busy or vice versa. And, I don’t initiate much!” He replied.

“There, that’s the biggest problem! You brought in the real distance. Firstly, communication is the key to staying connected to our loved ones. Secondly, no one is too busy to not have time for the people who matter. Be it over calls or texts, just let them know that you are there. And lastly, physical distance will not be an issue if you make the effort to keep things consistent!” I suggested.

“Hhmmm…I agree that somewhere I have been responsible. I shouldn’t have taken this for granted! The bond and their care! I should have been more active in initiating and giving efforts. I will do that now! Maybe I will try coming home on Labor Day and surprise them!” He said.

“Great! Do that! I’m sure things will start getting better in a few days!” I replied.

“Thank you so much, Uncle Bob. And, I will call you more often from now on,” He said and I smiled. Then we hung up.

When we initiate and rightly communicate, relationships become better. Irrespective of the physical distance, the proximity of hearts should always be there. Let your loved ones know that you think and feel for them. Take out time for them and use your devices to say that you miss them! Let them know that they are in your thoughts! Then you’ll see how your bond blossoms and you don’t feel lonely or away.

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