Don’t Force, Let It Happen!

An emotion that is purest of all, conquers all, and is above all – love. It gives us strength and brings out the best in us. The month of love is here and people are making amazing plans with their beloved. Indeed it is a wonderful feeling! However, many times I see people are in a rush to fall in love and be with someone. That’s not wise!

I was enjoying my morning coffee and giving Kong a belly rub. The doorbell rang! It was Alan!

“Hey, good morning! Come in!” I said. He came in with a smile and was carrying breakfast which I served before sitting on the couch. While enjoying the food, Alan got a notification. He checked his phone and smiled. Then locked it and started talking to me again. I saw that he got a little upset.

“Are you okay? You suddenly seem a bit off!” I expressed.

“Yes, I am fine. It’s just that one of my friends posted a story on his social media handle. He is getting hitched! Love birds all around I tell you. And, look at me! Can’t come across a single person to fall in love and take things ahead!” He replied.

After listening to him I understood that he was waiting to be with someone. He is unhappy at present. But love doesn’t happen that way! It’s not mechanical. You can’t force or plan it. It happens organically and in a magical way! Often in places and with people we never thought of!

“What is the rush? Do you have a deadline?” I asked. He laughed. “Deadline? No, Bob! It’s just that I also want to be with someone now!” He answered.

“That’s completely fine! But, I would suggest you a few things,” I said.

“What?” He asked.

“Don’t think of love because you are lonely and need someone. Don’t try to fall in love because everyone around you is posting happy pictures with their beloved! Don’t look for it because you feel that you have an age barrier. Let it happen! Till then live in the moment and love yourself!” I expressed.

He was silent for a moment. Taking a sip of his coffee he said, “You are right Bob! Even though my intention is pure but my approach is wrong. I should not force or plan it. I should let it happen!” He replied.

“I am glad you understood. Believe me, you will know when cupid strikes!” I said and then we enjoyed the breakfast and our conversations.

The best things in life are unplanned. Some people are childhood sweethearts whereas some find love at 50! Beautiful things in life cannot be forced. Love is one such thing! It happens even before we realize it. And when we do, it’s in the air and we feel wonderful. Till then, be patient and live every moment to the fullest!

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