Fortunate To Have You As My Boss!

Enjoying the cool breeze and the rustic hue of autumn from the balcony, I was enjoying the warmth of the morning sun in Big Apple. “Bob! Come here! See this!” Aaliyah called aloud. I went inside the room to see that she was looking at her laptop screen with glee. “What happened?” I asked.

She showed me an email that read:

“To the best boss! You are the star that lights our way! This Boss’s Day we have an online show for you! This is an e-invite for you to log in. Be there! We love you! – Your Team.”

“This is great! What a nice way to express their gratitude towards you. The amazing boss that you are, you deserve every bit of it!” I expressed. Aaliyah gave a wide smile and went to the framed picture near the couch. It was from her early internship days.

“Years back, I had started as an intern in this small organization. Nervous and shy! I had ideas but was scared to speak. One day, Naomi, my boss called me in her cabin and said, “If you are so scared to fall then you will never be able to open your wings and fly!” From that moment things changed for me. I left all the fears behind and became proactive. This picture was taken on the day when I was applauded as the best intern!” She expressed.

Aaliyah’s eyes got moist. She was wrapped in the feeling of happy nostalgia. “So from a shy intern to the co-founder of a magazine. You have come a long way, my love!” I expressed.

“Bob, it’s so important to be under a good boss. It was Naomi, my first boss who had played a major role. I was fortunate!” She expressed. I gave her a smile and said, “I agree with you, Aaliyah! A boss can make so much of a difference in our lives!” I expressed.

She nodded in agreement and then we got busy making a healthy breakfast for us!

It is said that having a good boss is far more important than having a good job. Indeed, it’s true! A good

boss mentors us to become a better professional. They never let us settle for anything less and bring out the best in us! ‘You Got This!’ that’s how they encourage us! With them being around, the work experience gets so much better! Cheers to such amazing bosses on this Boss’s Day!

Do you also have an amazing boss too? How do you plan to wish him? Share with me your stories!

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