Friendship Quirks: Different, But Same!

“I am the cloud shaped like a panda and you are the one shaped like a bull,” I laughed looking at the clouds floating above us. Megan smiled back and calmly said, “Yes Bob, I am glad at least we share the same sky.”

Hand in hand, we walk a long way with friends, they are different and yet the same. They are with you when you need someone to listen to you, to fall back on, to guide you and give you an unbiased opinion. Friends are God’s way of letting you know that His love is all around us and is not limited to family or a special person.

Celebrate this Friendship Day by vowing to keep the friendship spirit alive through the year. It’s the unique characteristics of individuals that bring two people together and create the strongest bond.

On this Friendship Day, celebrates with ecards that are full of affection, love, gratitude, fun and joy.

A Simple Thanks To My Friend.

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No Distance Can Lessen…

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Blue Rose Of Friendship!

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You Make My Life Better!

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Friendship Thanks!

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Friendship Flowers For You!

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