Happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Life is beautiful. What else can I say? Every day brings new challenges and its share of joy and sorrow. If you learn to treat everything alike and don’t get tensed when sad and don’t get overjoyed when there is a reason to be happy, you should have a good life. Half the diseases in this world can be averted if we don’t let success and failure dictate our state of being. Treat them alike and you will have a stable and relaxed life. That said let’s move on to the week’s events and emotions.

Canadian Thanksgiving [Oct 8]

Not many words evoke strong emotions. Not many words prove to be a statement. Not many words change lives. One of those words that does all the above is ‘Thanksgiving!’

Canadian Thanksgiving is that time of the year when the turkey is savored with folks you love seated around the table. For one day, all the bad is forgotten and all the good is remembered. Stories are passed over and the hearts are cleared off all the dirt. No one talks bad of no one and everyone professes love for everyone. It is a beautiful day with only positive vibes to be felt. A wholesome meal shared with a loving family.

Wish you all a very happy Canadian Thanksgiving!

Send a Smile Day [Oct 5]

I simply love this day. Send a Smile Day is not just another day. It is a day when you celebrate giving. Yes, and that too it is not giving some material thing, but an invaluable smile. Smile is of course invaluable. Ask a lover about his soul mate’s wholehearted smile. Ask a mother about her child’s toothless smile.

Smile creases the wrinkles on your face and makes you look younger. Smile a lot. And when you find a reason such as this event to celebrate and share love, then do so without delay.

After all, a smile hurts no one, but makes everyone happy.


Talking about smiles, do you know that flowers smile?

Well, they do. Haven’t you seen the blooming smile of a sunflower in the field?

Haven’t you seen the red petal roses smiling with a few dew drops on them?

Lilies and tulips and the lotus smile. They exist to make us happy and that’s why we nurture them.

Flowers spread smiles too. Try giving a bunch of flowers to anyone and the first thing you get as a response from them is a smile!


Talking of things that makes us smile… A cute and cuddly pet is not far away. They wait with their paws beneath their chin and look up to us to see if we are impressed with its antics. They check whether we are happy or sad and play either way to keep us happier or get us to be happy from being sad. They know what we feel even before we judge it ourselves.

Life is never a dull place when you have a cute pet who loves you around.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Smile Day 2016 [Oct 7]

Send a Smile Day Greetings!
Send a Smile Day Greetings!


Send Flowers Greetings!
Send Flowers Greetings!


Send Pets Greetings!
Send Pets Greetings!
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