For All The Caring Angels In This World!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

Days of festivals and joyful events have started. How long can one wait for such a time of the year? Well, the whole year I guess. The wait is finally over and we are at the cusp of some exciting events and festivals. I suddenly start seeing more smiles around me. The season does that to people. There is a sort of positive vibe to this place called planet earth. And it is a beautiful time to live and not just exist. That said, let’s take stroll and visit the events and emotions that are queued up for this week, shall we?

All Angels Day [Sep 29]

The reasoning may differ, but for me All Angels Day means a day to celebrate Aaliyah – my angel. Little things she does goes a long way in making me happy. There are days when I wonder what I have done so good in my life to deserve an angel like her.

There are better guys than me who haven’t been blessed so.

Maybe this is what they call karma! I became a believer in love after I met her. She has made me what I am today and I owe her my life.

And on this special day, I acknowledge that. It is a good thing to acknowledge what your loved one has done for you and I would urge you all to do that on this day.

Ask a Stupid Question Day [Sep 30]

Okay, here I list out three stupid questions that human beings ask each other with a straight face.

To the waiter:

“That dish sounds delicious, does it taste any good?”

To the one you stomped your feet on in the elevator:

“Oops! Sorry. Did it hurt?”

Men’s room conversation:

“Hey, what’s up?”

Need I say more? If you have a good list of stupid questions that you want the world to know, send it across to me.


A pup that walks bleary eyed to its cup of milk and drowns itself in the milk half asleep. It then starts drinking it and when that’s done with a good white patch of milk impression on its face, it goes to sleep in the empty cup.

There is this happy satiated feeling on its face and then it is too young to look stupid. It is a beautiful sight. It is as cute, cute can get.

Kong had dragged in a pup from the street and this stray pup is the cynosure of all eyes in my house and the neighborhood. Kong dots on him like a dad and I am happy for them.

A new addition is always welcome and this one’s a happy addition.


I would say congratulations to all you guys who have done well in school and all those who worked hard and achieved that increment and/or promotion.

I would say congrats to all of you homemakers for completing another successful week rearing kids and taking care of your family and still staying sane!

I would say congrats to all of you guys who come to me week after week for a good dose of smile.

Take care,

Editor Bob


Ask a Stupid Question Day 2015 [Sep 28]

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Send Ask a Stupid Question Day Greetings!

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