The Magic Of Autumn!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

The Queen of seasons is here and the day for the King is here too. Yes, I am talking about Autumn and Boss’s Day! Apart from that, we have musings about family and there is a congratulatory session too. Interesting week ahead and there are some fun things lined up just for you.

Ready to take a stroll?

Autumn [Sep 22 – Dec 20]

This is one fall I wouldn’t mind going through. Autumn signifies romance to me. The leaves turn golden and then they fall swirling in the breeze like magic. There is romance in the air and it reflects in the mood of every individual.

It was one autumn evening I opened my heart out to Aaliyah and the season had a lot to do with it.

I owe you one, season of love!

I love the way birds chirp and how the world changes into sepia tone. It is one of those seasons that is easy to identify and worth waiting for.

I take long walks hand in hand with Aaliyah and many of our confessions have come under the trees while enjoying the beautiful breeze.

This autumn would be no different. Go for a walk with your beloved.

Boss’s Day [Oct 16]

It sure is lonely at the top.

Everyone wants it, but no one likes the one who is already there. Fact of life. Bane of the boss.

It is a tough lot alright, but that’s what makes it more challenging. The seat of power.

The man is hated, riled upon and called names. Heartless is what they call him, but he has to sidetrack the criticism and see to the job at hand.

If he gets sucked into the negatives, there would be no company to run. Life is like that. Tough men are chosen for tough jobs and that’s why the title of Boss is given to men who earn it.

You can’t be appointed boss, but you grow up to be one. You have to slog and bruise to reach the spot.

Those who throw stones have never known what it takes.

This day is to the one who knows what it takes. Happy Boss’s Day!


If God is divided into three equal parts, He would be mom, dad and a sibling.

That’s my thought. I believe that’s how God intended it as He wanted His presence around us always. These three don’t judge. They have the qualities of the divine.

The family that we take for granted are in fact the descendants of the holy divine.

Take time to think who you would rather be with in times of struggle and helplessness.

You would arrive at this answer: Church or family.

That’s that.


Time for some back-patting now.

My dear folks, I congratulate one and all to have survived an eventful year and I welcome you to the upcoming holiday season. Here’s a hug to all those who worked hard to achieve their goals at work.

Here’s a friendly pat on the back to those who made someone smile today.

Here’s a teddy bear hug to all those who love me!

Take care,

Editor Bob


Boss’s Day 2015 [Oct 16]

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