Happy Father’s Day!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

There are days and there are days, but then there are some exceptional celebratory moments that are converted into minutes and in turn become a beautiful day. One such day is this day: Day of the dads – Father’s Day! This is the day we salute the unsung hero – Our father. A man who plays multiple roles and plays them with aplomb. He would be embarrassed if you wish him as he is never into accolades, but would just think that he was just doing his duty as a dad. Such a dad deserves a hug and wish.

Happy Father’s Day [June 16]

I still remember in my innocent kid days of this incident where my dad came home late that night on the Christmas Eve and I hated him for that. He slept like a log without even talking to me much though I was eagerly waiting for him to decorate the tree and so on and so forth. The next day he was up and cheerful. He made me smile and happy on the day of Christmas, but the hurt of the day before remained. For years.

Very recently I found out why he came late that day. Mom told me thus: “Your dad had to put in more hours at work so he could earn the money that would buy you and your sis the gifts you asked for. Santa is not the one who always gives you the gifts. It’s your dad!”

I felt ashamed for feeling hurt and hating my father. My ol’ man deserves a big hug and a heart-felt Happy Father’s Day wish and I am going to give him that.

Near & Dear Ones [June 16]

I have this cousin of mine who has become a dad just recently. There is one change I have noticed in him after that beautiful event happened. He has completely stopped his wild partying ways and has sobered up. He is more polite and less grumpy. He is smiling more; believe me or not, he has a certain glow about him.

I think parenting does that to a man. Anyway, I can’t tell you how much our gang of friends is pleased to see him grow from a boy to a man as he became a dad!

Aaliyah, Steve and I are planning to visit him on Father’s Day and are going to surprise him with his favorite bottle of drink and a hand baked cake by us!

Husband [June 16]

Give the man his due, girl!

Yes, today is your hubby’s day and you better let him have some fun. The remote stays with him for the day. He can watch his ball game and whatever weird shows he watches for the day. He can put on his baseball cap and still sit on the couch and he can burp loudly and he can knock in a few a drinks.

He can even be in a mood for dance and you would oblige. He would like to do a lot many silly things and you will permit.

Basically, you will give him that understanding pat that only a spouse can give as it is his day – Dad’s Day!

Wish him from us Happy Father’s Day!

From Daddy’s Girl [June 16]

It is always a daddy’s girl never a daddy’s boy! Fathers and their daughters have a special bond. Always! Somehow a daughter understands her dad better than anyone else and a dad loves his daughter more than anyone else.

He is her hero not matter what!

She is his angel!

As simple as that. Such is the bond that a daughter and dad share that they know each other better than any other soul in this world.

She will celebrate this day with all her heart and I thank those daughters for being understanding towards their dad and urge all the daddy’s girls to wish their dad a Happy Father’s Day!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Father’s Day 2016 [Jun 19]

Send Near & Dear Ones Greetings!
Send Near & Dear Ones Greetings!

Father’s Day 2016 [Jun 19]

Send Husband Greetings!
Send Husband Greetings!

Father’s Day 2016 [Jun 19]

Send From Daddy’s Girl Greetings!
Send From Daddy’s Girl Greetings!

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