Happy Halloween To You From Us!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

I believe in goodness. I believe in having faith. I believe in a world that is confident, strong and without fear. Well, all that’s fine, but I love it when you all get scared like crazy. Do I sound weird? Hmm… I am talking about the festival of fear. That is one day I would like you all to be scared and have fun. Such an event is knocking our collective doors with a question… Trick or treat?

Are you ready to make the right guess?

Here we go, come take a stroll with me.

Happy Halloween [Oct 31]

Usually in festivals that are celebrated all over the world, it is the elders and to a certain extent youth participate. Kids are basically the appendages that they tag along and they sleepwalk through the whole event. Oftentimes, they don’t even remember when these festivals show up. They are simply not interested most of the time.

But Halloween is different. This is one festival kids pray to happen every other day. They believe they are the heroes of this event. That is the beauty of Halloween. It brings all of us together. It makes kids out of elders and lets kids be kids.

Happy Halloween to one and all.

Haunted House [Oct 31]

Knock! Knock!

Who is there?


Every house that has a door contains people trembling in fear inside. Doorbell is not an easy sound to hear on a Halloween night.

Haunted houses too are in plenty not only on the streets, but also in our greeting cards. Check them out. You can walk through a maze of doors and find yourself having fear and fun alongside.

Jack-o’-lantern [Oct 31]

It’s Halloween and the smiling Jack-o’-lanterns are here again to light you up with laughter! Carve out a wish for your friends, family and dear ones this Halloween with our warm and cute greeting cards. These are perfectly shaped to carve out whatever we wish for.

The creativity that happens on this old, round fruit is amazing. The lights that shine out of their eyes have a diverse range and all they do is one of the two:

Look cute or look quite scary!

As with all things Halloween even these fruits have costumes on them and they are used as props too for a bigger concept devised to scare.

Witches [Oct 31]

Beautiful girls don’t like even a mole on their face to tarnish the perfect portrait – their face. But on Halloween they risk everything and have a pointy nose and awful face. They turn witches with glee. Witches are not evil on Halloween; they are the fantasy characters that we adore.

This is one event that makes ugly look pretty.

Maybe there is a lesson in this for all you know.

Happy Halloween!

Take care,

Editor Bob

Halloween 2015 [Oct 31]

Send Haunted House Greetings!
Send Haunted House Greetings!

Halloween 2015 [Oct 31]

Send Jack-o’-lantern Greetings!
Send Jack-o’-lantern Greetings!

Halloween 2015 [Oct 31]

Send Witches Greetings!
Send Witches Greetings!

One thought on “Happy Halloween To You From Us!

  1. B., Ah, Halloween, All Hallows Eve. This is my favorite holiday. People dress up in a variety of costumes and wear all sorts of crazy masks and make up. It is so fun to pretend to be someone else. But you know,just as there are two sides to a coin, I believe that other person or thing a person chooses to be is also who they are, as well. Happy haunting, B. sending you sweet candy corn kisses and great big Frankenstein monster hugs, L.

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