Happy Holidays!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,

The season of happiness is here. Officially, you can have fun. That’s the word on the streets now. World is full of colors and the God is here. Every city on earth wears a festive look and it is hard to miss the holiday cheer. All said and done, I have to confess, it is festival time here too at Editor Bob’s abode. Beautiful vibe this festive vibe… There is infectious enthusiasm all around and I am relishing every minute of it. Let us go ahead and look at what we have in store for this week…

Happy Holidays [Dec – Jan]

Holiday time, folks. I can see Santa riding along with his elves straight into town. The chimneys are clean and ready. The kids are waiting with festive glee. The roads are lined with holiday cheer. There is not a sad face in the world. It is a beautiful time to be alive and well.

Keep it that way. A word of caution for all and sundry. Keep your health to enjoy the upcoming holiday season.

I will also let you know this. Make sure to send our Happy Holidays greeting cards to all those you love. It is a beautiful gesture and the one who receives will love it.

Season’s Greetings [Dec – Jan]

It is like a trial before the big day. The festival atmosphere kick starts when you send those Season’s Greetings and get them ready for the big days ahead. Let it be you who sound the bugle for the holiday happiness. Beautiful time to be on the roads and in the friends places. This is a time of togetherness and so don’t waste a moment.

Be with the people you love and communicate with the ones you want to be through this holiday season.

It is not a time to be alone. This is the time for smiles. Send the cards we have in store and tell all you care for the festivities have started.


You know how it feels when you have your uncle, aunt, mom, dad and the prank playing cousins by your side? You know how it feels to have them decorate the house and the tree?

Have you ever understood the happiness that is brought upon by the togetherness of afamily

That’s our problem. We don’t know happiness when it hits us. We regret later and we miss it a lot when we don’t have it.

Enjoy while you are blessed… With the family.


Let me tell you this, no festival or no joy is complete without friends around. It is so true. You can never enjoy anything fully without good company.

And the company shouldn’t judge. Festival time is to go wild and while you do, you may need a pat in the back for some crazy thing that you pull off and you need a reprimanding hand that stops you from going overboard and hurting yourself.

A friend is that hand that comes through in such moments.

Treasure them.

Take care,

Editor Bob

Season’s Greetings 2015 [Dec – Jan]

Send Season’s Greetings!!
Send Season’s Greetings!


Send Family Greetings!
Send Family Greetings!


Send Friendship Greetings!
Send Friendship Greetings!

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