Happy Spring From Editor Bob

Hey you,

How’s it going? Isn’t the weather turning out to be really great? I love Spring and I can’t wait until the snow is gone. Then I can sit on the grass and read, nap or hang out with my friends playing Frisbee. Talk about friends, you would not believe what happened to me on St. Paddy’s Day!

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  In The Name of Friendship

On Monday, on St. Paddy’s Day we were hanging out at our local pub. I introduced the female GI to my friends, Megan, Steve, Rick, Adrian, Kate and Jeffrey. Irina and Fred showed up later too–them two, that’s another story! And guess who walks into the pub? It was Kaitlin! Remember the redhead? She was probably pub crawling and looked like she had a couple of drinks in her already. She was with her entourage of friends. I was with my friends, and I thought we’d have a show down.

I was getting my friends a round of drinks at the bar when she walked in the door. I don’t think she noticed me because I was turned towards the bar. She came up next to me and ordered beers for her group. I noticed that she was wearing one of those “Kiss Me, I’m Irish” tee shirts. This was in the early evening so, almost everyone was sufficiently drunk. One guy walked up to her and all of a sudden tried to kiss her! She started screaming, “Hey, what do you think you’re doing!” Rick saw that I was next to her and arrived in a flash. (That’s what Rick is best at–either getting you into trouble or out of it.) Of course Rick doesn’t know our little history. Hey, I don’t go divulging information about people I date to the guys all the time! Rick told the guy to leave her alone. I was there too, and I mean, Rick is somewhat of a buff guy, plus, well there’s me so he must have figured one of us was her boyfriend, so he left her alone and left the bar. The bouncers came over, but Rick signaled to them that everything was cool, so they went back to the door and made sure that the guy left the premises.

I turned back after watching the guy leave and saw that Kaitlin realized that it was me. Rick walked up and introduced himself to her. She was still staring at me. “I don’t know what to say,” she said. “Thanks, Bob.” Rick started smiling at this point, “So you guys know each other?” “Well, yes, we’ve met before,” I said feeling awkward. “I’m sorry I went all drama queen on you that day. I don’t know what I was thinking,” said Kaitlin. I told her not to worry about it. I wanted to cut the conversation short. My friends were already eyeing us because I had their drinks and because of what just happened.

Kaitlin and I decided to patch things up and still be friends, after all, we’ll be bumping into each other on a regular basis because we hang out at the same bar. It’s good to be civil sometimes. Rick stayed and spoke to Kaitlin for a while. He was really, REALLY interested in being friends with her. I mean, it must be the redhead thing–people just go crazy.

Spring [Mar 20-Jun 19]

I didn’t see Kate and Jeffrey for a while but they’re back on the scene now. Kate told us about how Jeffrey surprised her with a post Winter/early Spring picnic in the park. Apparently, he sent her a bouquet of flowers filled with daffodils, tulips, cherry blossoms, daisies, and narcissus to her office in the morning. (No I didn’t know the flowers–Kate detailed each one like it was her absolute favorite.) The note attached to the bouquet told her how much he loved her blah blah blah and to meet him at Strawberry Fields in Central Park. (Sorry, I zone out with the mushy stuff.)

Our Kate of course didn’t know what to make of this little surprise. She thought maybe he had something important to say, or an emergency of some sort. When she got to Strawberry Fields, he was waiting with lunch! The grass wasn’t that dry to sit on because there’s still snow, so they just sat on the benches, talked and had lunch. Jeffrey said he wanted to do another picnic in the park once Spring sets in properly. Kate agreed naturally. They’re thinking of having the whole group over too! We suggested Prospect Park to have a BBQ. There’s also another park in the Lower East side that has a BBQ set up. I can’t wait for the weather to get better. I’m looking forward to a lot of outdoor stuff. I want to skateboard again; just soaking up the sun would be a great treat!

After lunch, our Kate went back to work happy and content! Didn’t I tell ya’ll he’s a keeper? What can I say, the saga continues…

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  Easter [Mar 23]

Before Spring and Summer gets underway, the best outdoor activity you can do is egg hunting for Easter! Every year, Mrs. Bradley organizes a block party for the neighborhood kids. My niece Rachel’s really looking forward to it. I usually bring her along to play, too. This year, she asked Rachel and me to help her set up the activities. Invitations have already been sent out. We have to get all the materials for snacks, art and crafts, and goodie bags. We also have to stuff plastic eggs with goodies and hide them!

The snack part is my favorite because Mrs. Bradley is making her famous buttermilk biscuits with milk and honey freshly baked for everyone! Hey, it’s better and healthier than Easter candy and all those Peeps. I refuse to have Peeps now after I overdosed on them as a teenager and had a really bad stomach ache. It was really embarrassing. I stopped eating Peeps from then onwards, but I love blowing them up in the microwave. (Hint: use someone else’s microwave–like the one at the office.) The kids love having their eggs and opening them. It’s filled with stickers, candy, bracelets, temporary tattoos, and chocolate bunnies. Forget them, even I like the chocolate bunnies! Wait next week to find out what happens at the Easter egg hunt.

Take Care of Yourself

Having the weather change is really awesome. Especially when you know that it’s changing for the better. The only thing I’m dreading is coming down with hay fever. I get it every year! I’ve tried so many remedies, everything from prescription meds and grandma’s recipe, to some homeopathic “recipe of the east” some hippie chick gave me. Absolutely nothing seems to prevent hay fever. I promise to get the newsletter out every week, don’t worry, just keep on reading them!

I want you to take care of yourself too. Sometimes we’re so eager to go outside and play that we forget to take precautions against the weather. Don’t shed your warm clothing just yet!

Before I run out, I want you to leave with this Zen quote from Henry David Thoreau, “If you have built castles in the air, your work need not be lost; that is where they should be. Now put foundations under them.” Ahh, when you think of Spring, you can dream and build so many castles in the air. I love my new beginning. What about you? Holla back with emails when you get the time!

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