Happy ‘You Go, Girl’ Day!

My dear brothers, sisters and friends,
Time for another day and another week to start with its infinite possibilities to provide us with joy and utmost happiness. I wish a good day to you, a beautiful morning, a productive noon and an amazing evening. I wish that you and your family enjoy the best of health and I wish that your love for me never abate. Things are not the same when there is anger or sadness in our mind, let free of those unwanted emotions and sport a smile.

With that said I will take you along on a ride to visit the events and emotions of the week. Here we go.

Send Child Health Day 2013 [Oct 7]

The very idea of having a child is not to make videos of their antics and show them to the world through social media websites. Children act out of innocence and we derive happiness from their little foibles. And that’s actually okay. But what is not okay is the fact that there are a few who don’t even care about the immunizations and the general health of the baby. They do not even worry about smoking in front of them or are completely ignorant about how to hold them in their arms.

Such ignorance is a crime and parents should educate themselves on the needs of their little angels. They depend on us until they grow up and it is our responsibility to be there for the child. This Child Health Day let us take oath to spread awareness about this.

Send ‘You Go, Girl’ Day 2013 [Oct 11]

Men inspire men and women alike to a certain extent. Women inspire the world. Their moves are decisive and inspiration wholesome. It is because of their conviction and their strength of character. Take a moment and think about how your mom inspires you. That is exactly how every mother around the world inspires her children and all others who surround her. This world is run and kept in balance by the beautiful women in the world.

Let us salute them on ‘You Go, Girl’ Day and give them the respect that they richly deserve!


Anniversaries are like home videos. It is a day when nostalgia kicks in and makes you feel warm all over. There is no better feeling in this world than to be around the person whom you love and be thankful that another year has passed with that beautiful person while there is still a vast future together, to look forward to.

Not many live to tell the tale of their utmost joy and that may be one reason why anniversaries are out there. You can invite the couples who matter most to you and tell them how much your loved one matters to you and what keeps you going. It is counseling in a happy setting by a happy couple on a happy day.

The message will be received. In fact, go one step ahead and send out greeting cards with your life story. That should inspire some happy marriages.

At Work

Workplace is where fun is. There is no business like a business place that is full of fun. And fun happens when there is an interesting cluster of employees and an absolutely understanding management. It is quite easy to ask the management to chill, but the revenue and name is not earned by goofing around, but through hard work.

At the same time, there will never be an increase in productivity if a light hearted ambience is not provided.

There should be a balance.

Strike one.

Take care,

Editor Bob

‘You Go, Girl’ Day 2015 [Oct 11]

Send ‘You Go, Girl’ Day Greetings!
Send ‘You Go, Girl’ Day Greetings!


Send Anniversary Greetings!!
Send Anniversary Greetings!

At Work

Send At Work Greetings!
Send At Work Greetings!

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