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This week read how an exotic, romantic attempt falls flat! Also, a charming doctor visits us, when you must listen to your friends and the totally avoidable consequences of drunk dialing. Hop on…

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Playful Hot Tub [Mar 28]

When you are grateful to someone, it’s not always possible for you to get mad. That’s what Adrian realized through an incident that is hilarious to us but much too tragic for him! Adrian was planning a little surprise for Cathy. Cathy’s peer at the office quit, leaving her to do a lot of extra stuff. This means Cathy is practically exhausted by the end of the day. Adrian decided to make a hot tub bath for her. He fixed things accordingly, got aromatic candles, rose petals and all. The scene was set for the most romantic extravaganza this spring. Enter someone who helped Adrian meet Cathy in the first place!

Yes, Kong! Kong watched with interest how Adrian set things up. I noted that Kong was nosing around the scene with the same air that he puts on when he’s about to upset Eleanor’s rose garden. He loves roses and the rose petals attracted his senses. I was not present to witness this, but this is what happened. Adrian got Cathy to the hot tub with a blindfold. When he took that off and looked at the hot tub himself, there was Kong inside it, adorned with the rose petals and delighted at the cozy comfort of the tub! Cathy laughed out aloud. At least, his efforts were not in vain entirely.

Day At The Doctor’s [Mar 30]

Medical history can tell you that the common cold is responsible for many doctor-patient romances! There may be something similar brewing out here. Kate was down with a common cold, sneezing her way through the day. You know how irritating it gets when your nose is red and you can’t do anything. Working on the computer is a greater difficulty. When over-the-counter medicines didn’t work, Kate headed for the doctor. As it turned out to be, he was a real charmer! Kate was heard gushing about him to Megan and Irina and practically anyone who can hear.

The doctor has caused an illness greater than the one he was supposed to cure! The medicines worked well, so Kate had no real reason to visit him again. Kate decided to make some up. Investing some time, Kate dug up her medical histories, conjuring illnesses that never affected her. Kate wants the doctor to cure her of her milk allergy! The visits to the doctor have frequented. You know how expensive doctors can be but that is not a problem with Kate now! Kate is bitten by the infatuation bug. Watch this space to know how long that stays.

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Listen To Friends

There are these times when you must listen to friends. I admit there are times when you should not. But if your friends tell you that the cool guy you are dating is actually not so cool, you might give it a thought. More often than not, you are so close to the person you are with, you tend to overlook the negative sides and drool over the good side. Your well-meaning friends can point that out. It can help you avoid a possible threat that can escalate as the relationship gets serious. I told you guys about Steve’s new date Chloe in an earlier edition. After that evening, we brought that issue up with Steve.

Steve had a heartburn recently when he decided to part ways with Natalie. That was a relationship he really cared about. We didn’t want him to go through another bad patch. Chloe was not the ideal person for Steve. Steve is a geek and an introvert. He needs space and a person with more depth and understanding. Chloe didn’t fit the bill by any figment of the imagination. Steve heard us out. He didn’t disagree to anything we said. It could be that he was thinking on the same lines or it could be that he was considering our opinions calmly. We know he trusts us that we wouldn’t mislead him. Let’s see what his next step would be.

Drunk Dialing!

When the experts tell you to keep your hands off the phone if you are drunk, you’d better listen to them! Megan violated that cardinal rule to disastrous consequences. Remember the dating alert that Megan was seeing this guy who had two kids and was going through a divorce? As I predicted, things went muddy too soon. A dejected Megan got drunk and called up her ex, Seth. I don’t have the information of what Megan told him, but I can tell you it was embarrassing enough for Megan the next morning. I was getting ready to leave for work when Megan walked in with puffy eyes.

“I did a blunder!” was Megan’s opening statement. Then I heard what happened. Megan said, “I had promised myself I would never call him, and now I look like this really big fool!” and sat down on the couch. I tried to comfort her saying that it wasn’t exactly abnormal. We are likely to call up people we know well when things are not going well for us. It could be an ex, it could be an old friend you have not connected with in the recent times. It was all a case of comfort level. If Megan felt good about sharing something with an ex, I didn’t see any harm in that because I know Seth. He wouldn’t make an issue out of this. Otherwise, this is on the top of the ‘Avoid’ list!

Here’s a G. K. Chesterton quote to assure Megan and anyone like her out there: “The way to love anything is to realize that it might be lost.”

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