How Open Is Your View?

They say the piano keys are simply
black and white in color.
Yet if you listen closely,
I can hear the greens of meadows,
the blues of skies,
the grays of the rain,
the red of flowers,
Can you not hear the browns of the birds?
The orange of the sun?
The yellow of the dancing daffodil?
The amber of the deer?
The auburn drifting leaves?
Close your eyes and listen with your heart…
You will hear it also,
The turquoise of the trickling river…
The black of the spider…
The white of her web…
There is more color in the music of the keys of the piano
than the limitation of our eyes, simply two…

Tracy Woodhead, who is from the southern part of England is 34 years old and uses poetry as a way to vocalize and escape from her health problems. She also uses poetry to help others at times. She has been writing from her childhood. She has written this beautiful ode to make us think about how we can perceive life openly and may be we see more than what appears to be morose and mundane.

Happy Rosh Hashanah to all my dear friends. Do not forget to wish a cheerful Positive Thinking Day to all your folks and friends.

Make everyday like a festival, let’s learn to see beyond the monotony and celebrate life in its many colors.

See you in the comments.

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