It’s Labor Day!

My Good Friends,

Missed you guys! How about you?
Here I am to share with you some interesting anecdotes… Hop on.

Send Labor Day Greetings!
Send Labor Day Greetings!
Labor Day [Sep 5]

Summer at its twilight and the Labor Day weekend looming at large… What more can you ask for? But to celebrate. Give it to Bob, to plan the party. Let’s gather the hard workers, I opined, after all it’s Labor Day. That leaves almost all of our gang out… So got to rethink. Voila! Hit on a plan… How about our folks? Yes, all our parents getting together for an evening fun n’ frolic, beat that! After quite a few back-pats, I gleefully drew the list. Megan took over the food menu and scribbled in five different languages. She is a complete foodie, she even penned down an Arab kebab. Steve’s dad was a Marine… Wait for him to taste that… Steve took over the bar and ordered all tongue-twisters brands though his choice of poison is lemonade. Grow up kid! Kong moved around and paused at each one of us and gave a stare… Of course, he is supervising. Grrrrrr…

D-Day. All the vintage cars were in our parkway. Our folks never part their outdated cars, do they?! We assembled and my old man gave an approving glance at the arrangements. So far so good! Meggie was the blue-eyed girl of everyone there and she was basking in all the attention. Girls always have their way, what say buddies? Moms sat around for shopping chatter while our old men moved to the yard where the grill was up and hot to roast the steak. Of course, they were multi-tasking with a beer in hand and an eye on the grill. I never knew guys were finicky about cooking. I mean, look at these guys, who are at the wrong side of 50s go on and on about what is the ideal temperature for a tasty steak and there was a minor duel about the combination of barbecue sauce and marinade. Hmm… For these guys’ the sound and smell of steaks cooking on the grill is one of life’s sublime joys.

We sat down for dinner. The clinking of the fork and glasses followed soon after. Once the bar showed signs of bankruptcy, there was chatter. We were enlightened about each other by our parents. They started exchanging stories about their kids, especially, the stories of us doing the oh-not-so-good things. Of course, my folks imparted the King’s share of those, right from me getting locked inside as I went to take the shower and the firemen had to break open the door to let me out and how I forgot to drape myself and gave the whole town a pleasant sight! Everyone found the stories amusing except us, but we went along. Even Kong managed a grin and a ‘look.’ All said and done, a nice evening though our biographies came out without prodding! What’s a Labor Day if not some fun, eh?

Love You, Sis

Try this one… Becky drops the salad box on her nimble feet and yells, “Omigod!” and my dad retorts with a nasal-tinged hoarse “Bobbbbbbbbbb!” Well, yours truly was in the shower when this incident occurred. Of course, it doesn’t matter to my folks… If there is something wrong with Becky, even if it’s high fever or a dog bite, the culprit is Me! Huh! But miss those days; don’t mind to be wrongly implicated again… Aha! Getting nostalgic… I am off to visit her this weekend and memories are flooding in! Let me pack my gift bags with goodies for my sis and top it with cool e-cards for the occasion.

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Send Inspirational Greetings!
There is Hope!

Moment of Zen for the week for you:
“Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always.”
– Mahatma Gandhi

Arab spring has brought forth this fact to the world. Wouldn’t you agree? There is hope in this world.

Name Day Wishes

I have got these good Greek friends, who let me in on a beautiful celebration, called Name Day. It’s almost like a birthday, but infinitely more interesting. I am going to send them some cards that are freshly minted in our site. Maybe you should take a look too. Click Here.

On the way out, do visit Editor Bob’s Blog(Mondays and Thursdays).

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Send Congratulations Greetings!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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  1. B., Thanks for this wonderful newsletter. Really funny about Kong and Rachel.I understand a bit about how people and dogs love cakes. While in high school and college I worked at a variety of bakeries. I decorated, created every type of cake for just about any occassion. Was really fun. People would order the zaniest cakes, too. I created a cake for a professor that was in the shape of a library full of iced book ends. I also created an old sail ship made of marzipan floating on a sea of blue icing. Then I did many wedding cakes. One included two cakes that was connected with a candy bridge. Also, here’s one for Kong- I did quite a few cakes that customers ordered for their dog’s birthday. I created cakes in the shape of a big bone or a big steak or a doghouse. Dogs absolutely love cake! Sometimes the owners sent me photos of their dog eating the cake. So sweet.
    Well, B., I have written a book. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
    love, L.

  2. B., and one more thing- what can be done about snoring? Like your colleague, Rihanna, I snore, too. In fact, more so as I get older. Like you though, the patient folks around me don’t complain. Maybe you could wear ear phones or listen to you Ipod at work to drown out her snoring. So funny how people put up with stuff if they like someone. Love makes the world go round. hugs to you, L.

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