Kiss of Life!

My Good Friends,

You know the best part about interaction? Life teaches us infinite lessons to each and every one of us. Interaction lets us learn what we haven’t yet, both good and the bad. I have learnt things the hard way… And I would like to share… Wanna hear? Here we go…

Send Kiss & Make Up Day Greetings!
Send Kiss & Make Up Day Greetings!
Kiss & Make Up Day [Aug 25]

Question: What’s more important than a kiss?
Answer: Nothing.

Do you know kissing reduces calories? It’s a good form of exercise for the facial muscles too. The feeling of being One with your soul mate is indescribable. It has to be experienced, not explained.
A flirty kiss with a date is jus’ that – a flirty kiss. A casual kiss with an acquaintance is jus’ that – a casual kiss.
A kiss that is shared with your soul mate is pure, unadulterated, 100% bliss.
Kiss of life!
There is a reason for that. And the reason is love.
Do you want to apologize to your beloved?
Give her a kiss.
Do you want to see a smile on your beloved’s face?
Give her a kiss.
Do you want to smile yourself?
Give her a kiss.
Kiss is the answer for all heart ailments.
A kiss a day keeps hurt away!

Just Because Day [Aug 27]

Everything in this life happens for a reason. There is no reaction without an action. If there is no reaction, life will cease to exit. I have had numerous fights with Steve and sometimes we take our duel to the extreme, wherein we hurl abuses at each other.

And in the night, if I feel awfully bad about something else and I feel helpless, I jus’ give him a call and pour my heart out. He would be there for me, pacifying me, consoling me and making me feel better. All things that were said before and abuses hurled were all forgotten jus’ because he is a friend for life.

Such relationships are hard to come by and believe me when I say this… Once they are formed, they never die.

Send Just Because Day Greetings!
Send Just Because Day Greetings!
Send Love Greetings!
Send Love Greetings!
I Love You

Three letter word that packs a punch. There is only one response when these words are spoken – heart skips a beat.

It gets to people, who are stone-hearted too. The best way to express yourself and your heart’s feelings to your beloved is by saying these three words.

Try saying this to your mom once in a while… She has always been there for you and has never asked of you anything, but if hears these words coming off your mouth… She would feel the most proud. Nothing matters to her, not the money, not the luxury, but a simple ‘I love you’ from her child.

Say this to your kid, all that a kid wants is a little encouragement. The young mind will be exhilarated and inspired. It would do wonders to the kid, to the extent, that you could never ever imagine.

Say this to your friend and you may alleviate stress out of his or hers stressful day.

Say this to your date at the right time and you will turn a casual date into a soul mate.

Spread the word. Actually, spread these three words. And you will spread joy.


Here’s this week’s Moment of Zen for you:

Your dear and near ones can show you the way… But you have to walk there yourself!

Trust your family, friends and well wishers to show you the right direction. Make sure that you make your own effort to walk in that path. Guidance from learned people is important, but the hard work should be yours.

Family has the initial responsibility of putting you on the right path, the rest is all yours!

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Send Family Greetings!
Send Family Greetings!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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  1. B., Aaliyah truly loves you. No doubt about that. She understands when 2 people are together,they are there for each other. With all true friends, you have a solid backing to help you get by. Through thick and thin, people need each other. I am behind you on this newsletter. thanks for it. xo, L.

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