Be Positive!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

I jus’ love talking to you. You guys are simply awesome. Love the feedbacks you give for the newsletters I send you and the blogs I write. Here I am again to give you a good dose of smiles. Hop on.

Send Teddy Bear Day Greetings!
Send Teddy Bear Day Greetings!
Teddy Bear Day [Sep 9]

This day brings me fond memories. Jus’ after the Labor Day weekend a few years back, I met Aaliyah! She’s a Jewish girl, who joined our office recently. And boy! We hit it off like a house on fire. She is such a doll and she’s got a killer-smile. By the way, she idolizes Michael Jordan! How cool can you get?! Her fragrance is heavenly; cocktailed with a bit of perfume (she says there are three different flavors to it!). It has a calming effect, and sometimes I doze off! I too possess a peculiar fragrance; socks releasing stuffed up one-week dirt, sweaty-shirt… Ron, in the next seat, also closes his eyes sometimes, but tells me he goes unconscious! Ok, cut it! Where was I? Ah! Aaliyah; she is such a happy person ‘n’ full of energy that when she feels sad or blue, she can change any setting into a gloomy one. Especially, when she’s had a spat with her boss… She cribs and cribs ‘n’ then turns totally sad. Well, anyways, yours truly, Bob the Wise-head, did the brightest thing for once! I got tickets for the NBA Chicago Bulls Friday evening along with a cute and cuddly teddy bear and she cheered and shrieked all through the game holding onto the soft toy while I just watched her! I walked her home later and she bid me in.

My Love

See, I wasn’t prepared for a move or two, but then I wasn’t prepared for what she led me into. Over a Diet Coke, with soft country music playing in the background; she started sobbing, remembering the spat. When she is vulnerable, she looks just like a deer on the North Carolina Highway – blinded by a pickup’s headlights but so confused that it doesn’t move an inch… Simply stares. I took her hand, held her close, and she relaxed. I felt this is what I should do. I’m gonna take her out for a quiet evening walk; it’s the most romantic gift that I could think of. And to tell you more, I had decided that I would meet her parents too that weekend. Of course, I was real nervous and I let her know that. You know what she said? “Bob, when like-minded people are together any occasion is a celebration.” Need she say more? I have nicked myself twice while shaving already, trying to find her in the mirror, but for sure my facial creases will smoothen when I’m with her and her family feeling the joy of togetherness!

Send Love Greetings!
Send Love Greetings!

Send At Work Greetings!
Send At Work Greetings!
At Work

A boring day at office becomes an eventful one if you play a prank or one of your colleagues pulls a fast one on you. I know this by experience. All work and no play makes for very less productivity. Do not stare at the computer all day; but hit the water cooler spots too. Chatter keeps workplace healthy. What’s a hard day’s work without a bit of gossip? Huh?

Positive Thinking Day[Sep 13]

“Move and the way will open” – Zen Quote.
Isn’t that true?
The only thing that obstructs our view towards the path of success is… Ourselves! We either do not believe in ourselves or have enough confidence to move out of our comfort zone.
You wouldn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel unless you open your eyes.
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Send Positive Thinking Day Greetings!
Send Positive Thinking Day Greetings!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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  1. Hi Bob, I really like December. Reason being the wonderful snow for Christmas and my bday. So, a great newsletter fitting right in. A great hug from me to you.

  2. B. Have a great day, too. Thanks for this wonderful newsletter. You got it right on women and their footwear. I myself, can’t have enough slippers to warm my toes on frosty nights or to express my feet in summer with colorful, fun flip flop type slippers to soothe my tired toes. Although, I believe toys are the best gifts. Didn’t have them as a child, so now I’m making up for lost time.
    kisses, L.

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