Friends & Flowers – A Beautiful Cocktail!

My Dear Brothers, Sisters and Friends,

Awesome week ahead! I am full of love today… Ask me why? Oh! Loved your feedbacks folks, that’s why! Here I am again to give you a good dose of smiles. Hop on.

Send Friends' Day Greetings!
Send Friends’ Day Greetings!
Friends’ Day [Sep 18]

There are times when I wish I was Harry Potter! If only you could get rid of all the problems in your life with a little flick of the wand and a powerful spell! My problem now is my room. My door says, “My room, My mess, My business!” Well, now it’s a problem. I’d declared it off limits to my mom, so the jumble ‘n confusion kept piling up with every passing day! But as moms always do, the other day when she was here she took a peek inside and what a terrifying shriek she let out! Now I’ve had to promise that I’ll clean up the chaos before her next visit. And with that day threatening to be near, I can’t even wiggle out with excuses! Well, nobody said life is fair… Megan ‘n Steve promised to pitch in and lend a helping hand. I wonder if they are gonna clean it right or mess up more? Of course, if they make my place livable, I must remember to send them some wonderful cards this Friends’ Day to give them my heartiest thanks!

Flower Week [Sep 18 – 24]

It was the cookies, that did it! Well pals, I’m ashamed to admit this, but it had completely slipped my mind that it had been a while since I called my mom! So there I was chatting with Rick at the corner burger joint on Friday evening when the warm, sweet smell of freshly baked cookies wafted into my nostrils… I turned my head ‘n noticed that the girl in the next shop was just taking out a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies from the oven. And then at once, it hit me! I remembered the way my mom used to do exactly the same thing when I was a kid, and how Betty ‘n I couldn’t wait to get our hands on the munchy goodies… I used to tug at her apron and she kept saying, “Hold on, Bob. It’s still too hot!” Oh, those were the days! Thinking back about my growing years still brings tears of joy to my eyes! How I appreciate the tender love with which you brought us up, mom! The least I can do is to express my love to her with a lovely e-card this Flower Week along with a bunch of flowers. I can never repay the kindness, but I’ll always, always love you, mom.

Send Flower Week Greetings!
Send Flower Week Greetings!

Send Family Greetings!
Send Family Greetings!
All In The Family

Anything in this whole world can change us, shape us, but we start with the family and end right there.

Couldn’t be more true. Never felt strange to admit my mistakes or profess my love to my family. They were never indifferent to my state nor were they unsympathetic or unappreciative towards my deeds. Thank God, I didn’t have a choice to choose my family. I would have chosen wrong. They were there by default. And by default they give me love. I love my family and I am sure you love yours too. Do me a favor. Send them a card and tell them you love them. It would mean a lot to them.

Journey of Life

Moment of Zen for you:
‘The journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.’
Isn’t that true?
All through your journey make sure you give happiness to people whom you come across. Your journey will be full of smiles.
Would you do that for me?

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Send Inspirational Greetings!

Take care.

Editor, 123Greetings

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  1. B., Yes flowers, women love flowers. Flowers mean so much- rebirth, hope, the colors and scent of love. Living on the Northeast coast, I didn’t know roses were considered a winter flower until my 32 roses in my garden continued to bloom all the way into December. Seeing them every day makes my heart soar. Thank you for this sweet newsletter. Wishing you winter cheer, L.

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