January Flowers Showing Us How To Enjoy The Journey

It was last Wednesday morning. I woke up and taking a sip of my coffee, I started playing with Kong. Aaliyah was watering the plants on the balcony. The January flowers were blooming. “Both you and the flowers look beautiful my love!” I expressed. “Thanks, Bob! Stop flirting with me right in the morning,” she replied. I winked.

I was serving Kong his breakfast when the doorbell rang. It was Megan. She looked anxious. “Megan! Were you not supposed to have that important meeting today? What happened?” I asked. She got in and sat on the couch. Aaliyah and I sat beside her.

“The meeting got canceled. Bob, I simply don’t know what to do now! I want to open my startup and things are just not working in my favor. This is the third time that a meeting has been called off by an investor. How will I even start? Things are getting so difficult!” She expressed.

I got up to get her some brownies knowing that it’s her favorite. “Common! Have this and relax! It’s just a meeting that got canceled. You can reschedule it later. I understand that you want things to move fast but it’s not the end of the world. Things take time and you have to be patient,” I expressed.

“But, how long, Bob? I feel so stuck!” She replied.

“You are not stuck, Megan. Can you see the January flowers there? They didn’t grow up to be this mesmerizing in a single day. They went through the whole process before blooming!” I expressed.

“Then what should I do?” She asked.

“You simply need to have faith and trust the process before reaching the destination! You are learning to be patient and stay committed to your dream. It’s all part of the journey,” I replied.

“You are right! I need to enjoy the journey and have faith!” She expressed.

“This is your dream. Live every bit of it, both the highs and the lows. Moreover, good things take time!” I said.

“Thank you so much, Bob! I honestly needed to hear this!” She replied and then all three of us watched a few episodes of our favorite series.

They say faith can move mountains. It’s true! When we trust the almighty, we automatically attract the right things at the right time. Don’t let a few challenging situations question your faith! Be confident and enjoy the journey. When you do that, reaching the destination is certain!

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