Passing On The Love And Warmth This Winter

An act of kindness always creates positive ripples all around. Both Aaliyah and I are extremely fond of our neighbor, Mrs. Bradley. Why am I talking of her? That’s because she is the reason that I could pass on the same warmth and kindness to our new neighbor, Alan.

Alan had moved here two months back. Setting up a new home isn’t easy especially during the pandemic scenario. It’s a task! And once that’s done, we start missing our loved ones. It was the same for both Aaliyah and me in the past. Last weekend he was expecting his brother who couldn’t make it due to some work. He was upset and didn’t come for a walk that morning!

“Bob, I think it’s time to cheer Alan up!” Expressed Aaliyah. She was right! It was time to get into the shoes of Mrs. Bradley. It was time to make him feel at home. We made sure to arrange an eventful winter weekend for him. We invited him over to our place.

The two days were fun! We started with gardening and ran a movie marathon. Then we played the PlayStation. Then my friends Adrian, Steve, and Megan joined in and we all played cards. All of us insisted Alan play the guitar as we all sang a few country songs.

After dinner, we savored the delicious and wonderful muffins and brownies that both Aaliyah and Mrs. Bradley had baked for us. Alan was happy! We could see it in his eyes. We had a great time!

Thank you, Bob!” Expressed Alan before leaving. I nodded and felt glad to see him happy.

He left with a wide smile and a heart full of gratitude. The same feeling which once both Aaliyah and I had when we were at Mrs. Bradley’s place for the first time. Her kind words brightened up our mornings. Her box of cookies and the musical evenings always turned the tiring days into sweet ones! She still keeps doing the same!

Pure intentions pave the way for everlasting bonds! What we receive, we end up spreading it! Mrs. Bradley started this chain of love and kindness and we carried it forward by playing our role. That’s how we spread love, warmth, and kindness. That’s how we expand our families wherever we go and turn the world into a happy place!

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