Up For The New Year’s Resolution?

New Year brings in new hopes and paves the way for fresh beginnings!

To greet the first day of the year splendidly, I made two cups of creamy coffee for Aaliyah and me and served it with brownies. I also made a special breakfast- scrambled eggs with toast, sausages, pancakes, and muffins! Aaliyah was arranging the flowers in the vase. We were waiting for Mrs. Bradley and Alan to join us. The doorbell rang and they were here!

“Good morning Bob and Aaliyah!” Said, Alan. And, Mrs. Bradley like every time greeted us with a handful of cookies saying, “Let this New Year fill you with sweetness just like these cookies!” Mrs. Bradley can’t do without pampering us!

We were enjoying the hot breakfast when Alan asked me a question, “Bob do you make New Year resolutions?” He asked. “Yes, I do!” I answered. “But, are you able to keep them?” Asked Mrs. Bradley.

“Initially I used to fail but I can keep them now!” I replied. Both Mrs. Bradley and Alan gave me a look of curiosity! Aaliyah stayed quiet.

“How do you do it? I continue for a month or two and then just give up,” he said. “And I don’t understand how to motivate myself enough to carry on with it!” Expressed Mrs. Bradley. To this we all laughed and then I made it easier for them.

“It requires consistent effort, self-motivation and patience. That’s why we call it a New Year’s resolution and not a New Day or New Month’s resolution. It is supposed to be a yearlong dedication backed by will power to bring in the necessary changes. One needs to stay committed each day towards it!” I expressed.

“You are right! We lack consistency and somewhere we are not committed enough. Perhaps I never took it that seriously! But now, I feel that I must give it another shot this year!” Said, Alan.

“Go ahead! In the end, the result will be wonderful and will make you proud,” I replied.

“Okay, enough now! Let’s finish the sausages. I can’t wait to eat those muffins!” said Aaliyah. We all laughed and got back at savoring the yummy breakfast.

A resolution is a seed that we sow for our personal development. It requires constant nurturing through our consistency and patience. Only then can we achieve the desired results! Take one day at a time. You will feel great! Happy New Year, everyone!

What is your New Year’s resolution? And, are you up for it? Share with me!

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