Lack Of Gratefulness Is The Reason Of War!

The winds are changing. It is getting cooler here in New York as the winter knocks on the door. But, with Thanksgiving not far away, hearts are warm with the happiness of sharing. Never let your heart turn cold and frigid rather keep it tender with good deeds and benevolence.

When hearts are dry and ungrateful, they create an impoverished and hostile environment around them. The lack of acceptance breeds hatred and creates a divide. On the contrary when we are thankful our existence expands to embrace the world. We send out a message of love and abundance and in return are showered with grace.

Ingratitude is believing that the universe owes us a living. And like gratitude is contagious, ingratitude is also viral. It gets passed on to generations. War is nothing but ungratefulness and nonacceptance which has multiplied manifold engulfing many societies and communities in its hate-trap.

The recent attacks on France and the atrocities borne by humanity has saddened our hearts and we are sincerely questioning the beliefs which led to such a heartless act.  Each bullet which was shot on an innocent soul must have pierced the heart of God. It is a beautiful world He has created and we sincerely hope people realize it and acknowledge His huge favor and return it by acting upon the virtues of kindness, empathy, love and gratefulness.

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Research has proven that gratitude is essential for happiness and the one vice which can ruin nations is ingratitude.

This Thanksgiving and holiday season we must pass on the message of love and thanks to all around us. We must empathize with people and cultivate endurance.

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Pause now and in your mind’s journal note down five things you are grateful for and just when your smile starts reflecting in your eyes, feel the magic of a gladdened heart.

And now take a moment and recall a person in your life whom you dislike for some reason be it a scheming colleague, a stagy relative or a narcissistic friend, think about one thing about them for which you are truly thankful, how do you feel about them now? Well, not so bad , isn’t it? Let your heart win and drop your complaints and create a world of love and say a big no to war.

Happy Thanksgiving Friends!

Love & Joy,
Editor Bob

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