Live a Wholesome Life!

My dear friends, brothers and sisters,

I am living a wholesome life, how about you? I talk to my parents, talk to my siblings, talk to my friends and I try finding out where my friends who have moved on to different parts of the world are and try to get in touch with them. It is beautiful to be connected again. Have you tried that?

Well, that thought aside, let’s move on to this week’s subject matter. Here we go…

Naked Day [May 4]

I wore my birthday dress and stepped into the tub. Well, I was born with nothing and therefore, I was stark naked. And then I called Aaliyah over the phone and narrated to her where I was and what I was wearing… err… not wearing! You feel embarrassed listening to this? Don’t be, because I told her this…

“Aaliyah, today is Naked Day and you are the only person in this world whom I can wish on this day! It is a day like no other. I am completely myself right this moment, physically and emotionally too, I am always myself when I am with you. It is only appropriate, I acknowledge this event by wishing you!”

Dirty heads, think different. Everything doesn’t pertain to those three words. There is a relationship beyond that. I have one. Do you?

Nurses Day [May 6]

My granddad was admitted to the hospital and was undergoing treatment for a prolonged illness. He was bedridden and needed help for basic things like eating and bathing. All his basic needs including toilet transfers were handled by the staff in the hospital itself. They were taking good care of him. One fine day, he found his feet and was up and ready to go.

He being a charmer, there were enough staff of the hospital who were impressed with him and gave him a sweet farewell. We, as a family, were touched by the generosity of the staff while my granddad said this on parting to a nurse who served him:

“I wouldn’t call you nurse for what you have done to me. I will instead call you Mother. You did all that only my mother would – feeding to bathing. Thank you, Mom.”

She burst in to happy tears touched by the gesture. We too were. There is a day to say thank you to them and that is Nurses Day. Make sure you do that.

At Work

Nurses Day 2016 [May 6]

Send Nurses Day Greetings!

Send Nurses Day Greetings!

At Work

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Send Inspirational Greetings!

Send Inspirational Greetings!

There is always this one guy in the office who acts goofy. He is irritating and he is always full of fun. He makes you smile and he never earns respect from anyone as no one takes him seriously. I too have a colleague like that – John. He lights up the office with his smile and he makes working a pleasant experience. That is, in fact, the reason I felt bad when I understood he had a past and he is suppressing pain by being happy and joyful in front of others.

You never know what hides behind a smile. Try finding out from your colleagues who may deserve a shoulder or a helping hand.


Moment of Zen for the week for you:

No one ever got rich working 9 to 5. Put in more. Do more. Work whilst you work and play while you play. No excuses. Let that be your motto. Don’t seek inspiration, but be one!

Quite a good thought to end this week’s chatter, isn’t it?

Take care,

Editor Bob.

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