All Hail The Administrative Professionals!

My dear friends, brothers and sisters,

Time for introspection. In the face of problems there needs to be courage. There needs to be positivity. There needs to be belief and self confidence. Always think twice before you make a decision and once you have made that decision don’t even think once. That’s my moment of Zen for you guys at the start of this newsletter. There are many more things to discuss and so let’s go… Hop on.

Administrative Professionals Day® [Apr 25]

Megan’s aunt is an administrative professional. She knows more about what their job entails than I do. And therefore, she values them more than I do. Yes, only when we are aware of something we will be able to value it. I urge you to understand how these professionals spend their work day and you will be standing in their work space with a bunch of flowers jus’ like Megan. Well, you don’t need to order for the bouquets jus’ yet and that’s because we have made some delectable greeting cards for them on their day – Administrative Professionals Day® and you can pass on the best of them to make them smile.

National Arbor Day [Apr 27]

Arrogance of man leads to deforestation. Patience of nature is the reason why it is still the giver and not the taker. But we shouldn’t keep on testing its patience. Destruction of trees and forests is like shooting on our own feet. It will hurt us only eventually.

Saving the planet and our own habitat is not our duty, but jus’ plain common sense.

We bathe, brush, eat and breathe. Add one more to it – save nature. It is part of our lives. It is not a choice chore, but a mandatory task.

National Arbor Day 2016 [Apr 29]

Send National Arbor Day Greetings!

Send National Arbor Day Greetings!

Cute Cards

Send Cute Greetings!

Send Cute Greetings!


Send Congratulations Greetings!

Send Congratulations Greetings!

I, along with Steve and Jenny are going to plant trees on National Arbor Day. And to spread awareness we are going to send a card or two. Will you do what we are planning to do?


Have you seen a newborn kitten? The most beautiful thing in the world. It sleeps with its eyes tightly closed and that makes its face a smiley one. It looks so cute that you wouldn’t leave its side. Even Kong couldn’t resist, but lick it and snuggle and play with it. The innocence of its demeanor is so fetching and the sound it makes to get its mother’s attention is the beautiful note of music ever heard.

We sat vigil all night the day the kitten was born and it was a stray one at that. Aaliyah made some piping hot coffee and we sang and almost had a bonfire and stayed all night long. Beautiful moments for a beautiful and cute kitten.


Steve got promoted!

Open the bubbly and let the hair down. Yes, I partied wild. I am so happy for my friend that I danced for almost an hour in the company of ladies – of course! Steve with his sheepish grin was the toast of the evening.

He had cracked that test that he had to give for a shot at promotion. And landed this plum designation. His career is set and that’s a relief, source for immense joy and time for hearty congratulations.

We all want him to do well and I, personally, want you all to do well.

Until we meet next week…

Take care,

Editor Bob

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