Mother – A One Word Poem!

My dear friends, brothers and sisters,

An important day in the history of mankind is coming up. It is the birthday of an individual who lords over this world and keeps the world sane. Yes, it is Mother’s Day and it is time to give her due. Do not for a moment forget what she is all about or rather think about what you are and why you are what you are. It’s the mother who is the reason for the collective happiness of this world as we know it. Let’s look at her different facets.

Happy Mother’s Day [May 13]

Guess who this is?

She doesn’t expect you to take care of her.

She doesn’t need money from you.

She doesn’t want you to buy her expensive clothes or other materialistic things.

She doesn’t mind even if you are a sinner.

She doesn’t worry if you don’t make her smile.

But, she is devastated when you don’t smile.

Who’s this?

Your mother and mine.

The only creature in this world that doesn’t get what it deserves, but keeps the world going is – the mother. Even earth is affectionately called Mother Earth and not Father Earth. There is a reason and the reason is that it stays patient and bears us all and all our idiosyncrasies, but never complains.

God made Mom and then said, I am sending one of you to every family because I can’t be everywhere at the same time.
Go to the church and pray to God, but sometimes go home too… There is a version of Him in every home.
Happy Mother’s day folks.

Family [May 13]

When everyone else gives up on you, there is one place you can always go to – your family. You may forsake it for your selfish reasons, but family remains. Its loyalty remains. All your crime against your own kith and kin can be forgiven if you are family. Family has that special bond and that comes with the blood that relates each other. And if there is one being that keeps a family together, that is the mother who presides over the house.

Every house has walls, but to make it a home one needs a mother.

Friends [May 13]

When you want her to be an elder, she will be one. She will listen, understand and guide you like no other. When you want to be a friend, she will be one. The best friend of all, as she can not only guide, but give a shoulder and look over you while you sleep. She doesn’t think of your problem as your problem, but hers and she knows what’s good for you and that’s her best trait.

A friend in need is a mother indeed!

Flowers [May 13]

Have you seen flowers smile?

Yes? Well, they imitate a mother’s smile in full bloom. There is innocence and there is warmth in that smile. It is a smile that has no hidden intentions. It is not self-seeking nor it expects any. It is a smile that is designed to make others happy. People smile when they are happy…

Moms smile when they want to make others happy!

Like all things in life, we never appreciate the full worth of a mother unless you lose one. To all those who still have your mothers in flesh and blood, do me a favor… Go to them more often, talk to them more often, spend a phone call time a day with them, make them smile and receive their smile.

That will give you good karma to live a full life.

Talking about flowers, my favorite is tulip! What’s yours?

And talking about flowers, can romance be far behind? Not with your love at the moment, go online and connect with your partner this Online Romance Week.

One more trivia, there is Frog Jumping Day coming up and if you want to jus’ go funny crazy and want to share a card with the people you care, make the most of it!

Take care,

Editor Bob.

Mother’s Day 2016 [May 8]

Send Mother’s Day Greetings!
Send Mother’s Day Greetings!

Mother’s Day 2016 [May 8]

Send Mother’s Day Greetings!
Send Mother’s Day Greetings!

Mother’s Day 2016 [May 8]

Send Mother’s Day Greetings!
Send Mother’s Day Greetings!

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