Wake Up and Smell The Flowers!

My Dear Friends, Brothers and Sisters,

Missed you guys! How did the week past work out for you? Hope you had fun… ‘Coz I did! And how! Too many get-togethers with family and friends and lots of conversation and nostalgic memories reminisced. Had to drag myself to work from these lovable folks and am here now. It becomes easier to get to work if the job is to talk to you guys. I absolutely love you all and hope the feeling is mutual. That said let’s move onto the week’s stories… Here we go:

May Flowers [May]

There is something about those twilight evenings, wouldn’t you say? The sun going down and leaving a trial of red and orange and a dash of yellow all over the sky… Birds chirping their excitement at the colors and stunning May flowers adorned plants and trees appreciating that exquisite sight of nature by fanning the world with their breeze. I love that scene and to complete the picture, I hold Aaliyah’s hand.

Love is all about moments and this one moment tops most. You want to be with the one you love when you experience something beautiful. That thought is love.

I am in love. And if you are too and are in a position where you can take your loved one for a walk, jus’ send May Flowers ecard and live the experience virtually!

Graduation [May – Jun]

My nephew graduated. And I am sulking… Wonder why? That means I am growing old. Really old. And Bob doesn’t age. Come on, he is not immediate family, but a distant relation. Either way, he calls me Uncle Bob and that is like rubbing salt in the wound. I forgive him this one ‘coz the bloke has graduated in flying colors and I’m proud of him.

I don’t know how much value those graduation certificates carry, but I am sure he has earned enough knowledge to be acknowledged with a certificate. And that is something I am proud of.

We threw a party, our whole family turned up and I gifted him a Play Station as he loves that one jus’ like every other kid out there.


No one throws a birthday party like Bob! I did what I had to do. It was Karen’s birthday and I couldn’t let it be a dull affair. I got together everyone who is dear and near to Karen for this surprise birthday party. She was truly surprised as I had arranged the whole deal in her apartment quietly finding a way to get hold of her keys, courtesy Megan.

She was overwhelmed and let her hair down like crazy. It was a sight to behold and quite a lot of fun we had. I wished Karen a thousand years of good life with good health and came home to crash in the wee hours of the morning.

It always feels good to celebrate others rather than us. With that thought, I urge you to send a birthday card to the ones who happen to have one today, tomorrow or later in the week or month. It’s worth the effort to induce a smile in the ones whom you care for.


A timely help saves someone’s day. True. A timely pat on the back inspires someone to do well in life. True.

Most of the individuals in this world crave for recognition and a little pat on the back. Money doesn’t matter. It is the care and warmth from fellow human beings that makes someone take that extra step that he wouldn’t otherwise dare to take.

Congratulate when a job is well done and encourage the professional to take up another challenge. A little note of appreciation goes a long way in making someone’s day beautiful. Try it.

Take care,

Editor Bob.

Graduation 2016 [May – Jun]

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Send Graduation Greetings!


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Send Birthday Greetings!


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