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We’re nearing the end of the Humor Month. Humor is a safety valve that can see you through anything. I think people with a sense of humor and a thing for sarcasm are really blessed. They have the much desired ability to detach themselves, laugh away the worries and move on. It also helps you sleep well. For more on that, read on.

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Sleeping Without Sedatives

A lot of dough is spent by Americans every year to buy sleep. Even then, they don’t have a proper night’s sleep because of various reasons. Sleeping sedatives are used indiscriminately which often leads to health hazards. Steve, my geek friend, is an insomniac. He’s always had terrible sleep disorders. But of late, he’s reaping the benefits of a better lifestyle that’s having a great effect on his sleep habits. Natalie, his mystery friend, taught him a few tricks to sleep well, and he’s getting great results.

Simple steps of taking care, like eating light at night, or cutting out his caffeine intake, are helping him. To get rid of stress, Natalie also drilled him to get rid of all the computer equipments that looked more part of the bedroom than the bed itself! Steve has got aromatic candles and is in love with them now. Steve’s also looking to do relaxing exercises. Do you have any relaxation exercises that you would like to suggest Steve? How do you relax your mind when you have sleep problems? Leave a comment here.

Looking For Love Online

There is an ever increasing number of people looking for love online. As many of you know, I have always had bad experiences when I looked for dates online. Forget about finding true love, I couldn’t even manage to have a nice conversation on my dates! But it seems I’m the only one who’s having a bad run when it comes to looking for dates online. A reader of my blog posted a wonderful love story about happy couples. Read it here.

You can also share your heart-warming stories about finding love on the internet. It may be that you had the most fabulous time of your life. It may be you found love the moment you saw your date. It could also be that you wished you had not set out of your house. Share your thoughts and anecdotes here about dates that you found on the internet.

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Biden Or Obama: The Pup Race

Eleanor was very excited with the media going berserk about the pups adopted by Obama and Biden. Eleanor has been following both the pup stories closely. She’s all for the Obama pup, which was gifted to the Obamas. As for the Biden pup, Eleanor had reservations about the fact that the Bidens had bought the pup, rather than adopt one from a pup shelter.

Eleanor is very sympathetic about pets. Kong is like a member of her own family. She’s all for adopting pups from shelters where the pups live a lonely life. Eleanor encouraged my niece Rachael to get her pup from a shelter. She encourages people to adopt pups from shelters and not buy them. “You can’t buy love, can you, Bob?” Eleanor reasons. Are you with her on this? Do you support the view that pups must be adopted from shelters and not bought? Give your views here. Visit here to leave your comments.

Attempting Humor [April]

This one’s a little weird. There’s something unusual and unforeseen happening this Humor Month. With unemployment hitting a high never heard before, more people are reported to be auditioning to be clowns at circuses across the state! Rachael was beside herself with laughter when she heard it from me. “What?” she laughed out, “so we’ll have more clowns around? That should be great fun!” I couldn’t agree with her more.

Most of these people who turned up at Barnum and Bailey Circus and Ringling Bros were reported to be saying that they were fulfilling a childhood dream. That’s really cool. It would be really fun if you could wear those big red noses and gaudy clothes and do those antics. As they say, it is more difficult to make a person laugh. And humor and laughter is something that we really need in these stressful times. Do you have any humorous stories that you would like to share with us? Write in here.

The Zen quote this week is by Henry Ward Beecher: “A person without a sense of humor is like a wagon without springs. It’s jolted by every pebble on the road.” What do you think?

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