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Hey you,

Time really flies these days, I’m having a hard time catching up with myself. I’ve been pretty busy too. It’s in these times that I sometimes reflect how we miss out on small things in life, in our efforts to keep pace with the times. The pressures and pleasures of modern life are not without a negative effect on our temper and mood. We get cranky at the slightest provocation. So it is all the more important that we spread a cheer in our own little way. Let’s begin on that note…

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  Send A Smile Day [Oct 3]

Donna’s children, Ethan and Emily, are a handful for anyone! They stay back at the office sometimes, as you know by now. So it happened last day that they got a book on smiles. They came into my cubicle and showed me the book. Now the book contained different types of smiles and what they speak about the person. Very interesting, I must say! I got hooked and started reading while they pestered me to explain the meaning of this word and that.

Reading a few pages of the book set me thinking. Really, I never noted the way people smile and what that smile speaks of the person’s mood. I tried to recall my friends’ smiles. Didn’t find them smiling ever, did I? They always guffawed! Guess I’m not being kind towards them. But yes, there are some old jokes that are drenched in nostalgia. Then we don’t laugh like lunatics, it’s just a smile that comes up. A smile to acknowledge the time-less appeal of the joke and a sense of loss of the good ol’ times. I’m going to be talking about this on my blog. Check it out!

Inspiring People

There are times when you bow your head in respect for people who fought against all odds and came out victorious in their own way. They may not have statues and memorials dedicated to them, but they have not been any less heroic. I know about some brave people who didn’t give up the fight for life even when they were faced with cruel death. I bring this up in this edition because of a true story that Mrs. Bradley told me the other day.

Frank shared with her that his wife suffered from breast cancer. She had to take a lot of pain and live through it. Would you believe it folks that she never told anyone about her illness? Yes, neither her family nor Frank knew of her illness until the ultimate stages. She bore the excruciating pain alone and never let anyone know about it lest they worry about her. She said to Frank on her death-bed that she wanted to live her life normally with her family. She was sure that doctors and medicines cannot give her the comfort that the smiles of her family could.

I salute this woman for her incredible courage and strength. October is the Breast Cancer Awareness Month and it’s time we become aware of this deadly disease. Studies show that most women suffering from this disease don’t recognize the symptoms till it escalates to a complicated stage. I would like all my readers to note that ignoring illness doesn’t cure it, it only makes it worse. Make sure you’re getting your mammograms and self-examinations. Talk to your doctor and even if you are not over forty, you should still check with your doctor at least once a year, if not every six months. And if you know any inspirational stories of people who have fought extremely adverse situations, tell us the story.

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Children have this uncanny ability to spread a smile on your face without the least effort. Rachael, with her pup, is a delight to be with. Last day I was with her in the afternoon and she was busy teaching her pup how to sit and fetch on command. I pointed out that maybe it’s too early for the pup, but she would have none of it. She persisted in her effort and smiled broadly whenever the pup goofed up.

I got amused after some time. The work pressures bubbling in my mind made the vanishing act and soon I joined them in their fun. While playing with her and the pup, I recalled to her my own days when Kong was a pup. She was rolling with laughter listening to my vain attempts to teach Kong the ways of the world. She concluded with a smile that she was better with a pup than I ever could be. I accepted that. Would you not like to hear about the pup? Well, he’s much stronger now, what with Rachael’s constant vigil and care. With proper food and medicines, he looks in a much better shape. When I got up to leave and walked out the door, they were still playing. Really friends, it is moments like these that make life better.


I am having a fabulous time friends! Berka is delightful company. She’s always coming up with these incredibly funny one-liners and comments that drives me crazy with laughter. Just the other day I caught up with her in my lunch break. She said, ‘Ok Mr. Grumpy, what is it?” I admit I was a little off that day, what with work pressure and all the pending work that needs to be sorted out. I gave a wry smile as a defensive move. She was not to be disarmed.

‘Let’s play a game,” she went on, “we’ll try to guess what people are thinking.” I pricked up my ears. She noted the rising interest on my face. “Let’s put words into the mouths of all the silent people sitting around! Remember it has to be funny and outrageous. The funnier, the better!” Game on! You wouldn’t believe how time flew off. Soon my mood made a dramatic U-turn. The things we said about the silent, unsuspecting people around us! They would have us in front of the firing squad should they come to know! What I really liked about Berka is that she knows how to laugh at others and with others. The most important thing about her is that she has no qualms in laughing at herself as well. That’s great news for any new friendship I think – laughing together. After a hilarious time with my new friend, I felt light and energetic enough to go back to my desk and crank out some content. Really, as they say, what are friends for?

Let’s sound the ending note with a Zen quote on, what else, smiles! This one is of unknown origin, but I had to honor it just for the simplicity of thought, if not anything else. It goes: “Everyone smiles in the same language.” How true! Smiles cut across all boundaries and has universal appeal. The quote expresses that emotion simply and beautifully, just like a smile would do.

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Peace and love,

Editor, 123Greetings

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13 thoughts on “Lots of Smiles from Editor Bob

  1. It’s true!!!! No matter where we live, no matter what country we’re from, we always smile in the same language!!!
    Thanks for another sweet and funny newsletter, Bob!!!
    From Brazil, your friend, Carol!

  2. Thanks Bob,
    Your newsletter came at a really great time. My mother was diagnosed last year with dementia and I have been watching so slowly become some one else. Although she looks fine to every one else and she gets on great with day to day stuff, I can see the change. Yea, it frightens me at times. If I can help it I don’t like to let her drive by herself much. Your news letter about smiles was a much needed lift.
    Again thanks!


  3. Hi Bob!

    I just wanted to say that I really enjoy reading your e-newsletter. I always know that I can count on you to infuse it with positive energy and love. Thanks for sharing!


  4. Bob Thank you for the newsletters, they usually bring a smile to my face when I read them…(notice how I slipped that smile reference in there?) I am 60 years old…no wait that is 60 years young, after all I am from the generation that said we would never grow up, anyway I enjoy the newsletters, it feels that I have a set of friends that I just have not seen. Keep up the good work sending out those smiles.
    Arlington, Tx

  5. Hi Bob, I enjoy reading your greetings each week. They put a smile on my face each time i read it. I have a lot of peace and love for you. Thank you again and Have a Wonderful Day! Your Friend, Roland

  6. Thnaks so much for your newsletters. I especially liked this one today. The idea of smiles being a universal language is great. Also I am a retired Cancer Registrar (took care of paper work for all cancer patients). Your nice blurb about he breast cancer month and how important it is to have the mammogramsos good information for all to share. Also sharing your fears and pain with family members is a must. Support is so important during those times. Thanks again. I love your website too.

  7. Dear Bob,

    It is not full moon and i acted like a weird wolf.
    I hope i didn’t offend my girl friend ..
    How odd i said things….
    Is there a sorry card you can recommend me to use to say i’m sorry to her for my foolish talk! I wasn’t thinking as words just flew out like feathers… (like goose down) and forgot that i was not in an empty field, but football field. I read so many of your newsletters, sometimes i speech out like one of those friends you have. Next time, it’s best to let her say what she wants to say. and i will only smile…

    OK, so much of my talk. should say less but hope people will understand more.

    How are you? How have you been? how’s your day?
    Hope things are getting better and better each day for you.

    Well, take care!
    and have a wonderful weekend!

  8. My Aunt Rebecca dealt with cancer. When she was in her mid-20’s she got breast cancer. They put it into remission and then it spread into her bones. They tried to take care of it, but it eventually spread into her brain and she died in 2000 at the age of 29. She was such an amazing woman. I remember hearing at her funeral her final words and they just gave me goosebumps, and when I think about them to this day it makes me want to cry. She was very sick at this point, in a lot of pain, and she could barely see from the pressure that was on her brain. Every night some people in my family would sit up with her in shifts. My Aunt Diane was sitting with her and she asked my aunt to pray with her. Aunt Rebecca prayed these exact words, “Lord, Heal me now, or take me home.” At the moment she stopped breathing. I hope that I can be as amazing of a woman as she was.

  9. Dear BOB, Hi… thanks a lot for sending me lots of cards.I always await for your ecards and feel verry happy.will you please send me ecards on my birthday which is on 26th of August..?wish you good health and happiness.GOD BLESS YOU. from….RAJESHRI.

  10. Since you mentioned Breast Cancer Awareness month…it would make me smile for this web to visited and joined by as many women as possible who read your newsletter.
    It is a chance for any and all women to be a part of breast cancer research. They are looking for women with and without cancer, from all walks of life. Take a chance to be a hero; check it out. 🙂

  11. hey bob,
    i enjoy reading all of your newsletters each week. they are fun to read and yes, informative too. your articles inspire me and im glad to read them every week.
    keep on sending the newsletters!!

    good wishes,

  12. Thanks Bob. It put a smile on my face, and a few demons in perspective. We all need to smile more. And after all, they’re free!

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